Honda VFR1200 to Launch on Thursday

10/05/2009 @ 3:39 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


Honda is set to officially release the new VFR1200 this week, with a website launch scheduled for 3AM (PST) this Thursday. The site is devoid of any substantial information at this point in time, but the not so secret Honda VFR12000 has already graced our pages on a couple of occasions, which gives us an idea on what to expect Thursday.

Searching through the site you’ll find a few videos, some of which we’ve already seen, but also a couple of new ones from Honda engineers and HRC. The VFR has to be one of the most anticipated motorcycle launches this year, as the line has been waiting for a major overhaul since its 1998 revision with the VFR800.

With a dual-clutch gearbox, variable cylinder managment, and a bevy of other goodies from the smart people at Honda, the new VFR is certain to continue the brand’s tradition of bringing innovation and technology to the motorcycling world.

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  • Hayabrusa

    The thing better have a regular shifting option and not just the damn paddle shifters!! This automatic transmission stuff for bikes is getting out of hand!! Call me old-school, I guess.

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  • William

    Give it a chance. Everybody is crying that honda needs to bring out a new VFR and before it out their saying it better be this and better not be this. Build one at home if you think you can do a better job.

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  • Hayabrusa

    Touche’! Yeah, I’m jumping the gun on bashing it, BUT, I’ve been waiting, well, 12 years for Honda to make a bike that is worth my money, and they haven’t done it yet!!

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  • Howard

    I believe the issue people are having with Honda Motorcycles is they never announced they were skewing away from the ultra sporty segment of motorcycles and were gonna focus on rideable streetbikes. It’s sort of a return to their roots, IMO. I liken it to Triumph, who realized they won’t have enough money to build segment busting motorcycles, so they went with bikes that were easier to ride and more comfortable on the street yet still sporty enough to satisfy the 95% of us who can’t/won’t touch down a knee while riding. From my POV, Honda hasn’t tried to put out a segment busting design since the CBR1000RR of 2004, but even that bike weighed about 15 pounds more than the lightest bike in that market segment, so i’m not sure it really counts as a 100% effort.

  • BlkBrd

    Suzuki SUCKS !!!

  • BlkBrd

    Honda has ANOTHER winner on its hands. The rest of the Jap bikes are all 2nd class. Ive owned all 4 and currently own a Zuk , like i said Suzuki SUCKS

  • y2ktlr

    It’s a BOAT! Look how much the pig weighs fercryinoutloud! If they were that good why have you had to,own 4 of them??? As long as Honda build bikes, everyone else is safe from having the ugliest form of conveyance out there. I think the Madura even looked better than that thing!