Are You The Honda V4 Street Bike? Probably Not

11/19/2012 @ 10:13 am, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS

This weekend, we reported on an interview that CMG Online did with Dave Hancock, Honda Motor Europe’s Head of Product Planning & Business Development, said that the Honda RC213 (unofficial name) street bike was going to cost £70,000-£80,000 ($110,000 to $125,000), which certainly lit up our comments section with enthusiasts who were hoping for a more affordable model from the Japanese manufacturer.

Today, Japanese tuner magazine Young Machine is reporting to have the first images of the “Honda RCV1” street bike, which is already making its way around the internets as we speak, with various forms of information vetting. Is this our first glimpse at the Honda V4 street bike? Probably not.

Young Machine has a pretty good history of sensational articles like this, which almost always pan out to be wholesale fabrications of information and artist renderings substituted as “photos” of the genuine article. Rain on the parade and all that, but the designs here are at least interesting, with YM inking a very clever and stylish exhaust system here.

We hate to fuel the fire any further with the photos below, so look…but don’t touch.

Source: GPone

  • looks like a toy blown up…

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    I really hope that price is just fantasy… I have been banking on this bike becoming a reality…. but my bank account is not going to support $100k! I like the idea that there will also be a major model change in the CBR1000rr, but the idea of this GP bike hitting the streets really makes my willy all tingly. I can’t fathom them making it more expensive than the Desmocedici RR, which came in at $60k… it just doesn’t make any sense.

  • meh

    when is the last time you say non-free floating rotors on a streetbike?

  • Random

    If I remember well, YM’s new ZX-14 was pretty much on the spot. Even if it is a ‘shop and not actually a prototype photograph it’s possible they have some inside info. That said, the ‘new’ ZX-14 was very close to the old one.

  • Logan

    I’m pretty sure I saw that picture a few years ago, it was supposed to be some Frenchman’s take on what the new 2010 CBR600RR could look like. From memory.

  • pooch

    Swingarm and hugger look very MotoGP.

  • Mitch

    pooch – the donor image is most certainly the current MGP bike that has been shopped/painted over. This is 100% a flight of fancy, styling wise.

  • Mitch

    Since the Honda V4 sport bike rumors have been churning for a while, more than one SCOOP has floated to the top. I like this imagining:

  • Emilio

    That rear fender is ugly.

  • MikeD

    LAME. What else is new ? New “meaningful” VFR ? Maybe a new HyperBike ? New CUB ? UPDATED XR650 ?

  • Zoot Cadillac

    An awful lot of people thinking that the price estimated for this is ridiculous or beyond many people. The Desmo RR cost £40k / $75/80k six years ago and sold its allocations in days. There are people out there who buy thse bikes and we are not millionaires and playboy collectors. We have 2 Desmos and 2 other Ducatis from a limited edition of 200.

    There is a market for this bike and i think it will sell just fine. Just not here. I don’t do Honda.

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  • Rear swingarm is from the FTR Honda, but turned upside down. Ho hum…

  • smiler

    given the vfr 1200, the new 600RR and the NR 750. Quite possibly.

  • Or this one might be the real thing. O no, this one! Or this one! (click to see all Honda “RCV1000” Photoshop versions…

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  • KEG

    thats one ugly subframe and swing arm