Honda NSF250R Coming to America

08/04/2011 @ 10:04 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

HRC’s NSF250R Moto3 race bike was released under much fanfare at the Catalan GP, as the Japanese company singled out Spain as one of the most important markets for the 249cc four-stroke single-cylinder racing machine. The the Iberian peninsula certainly will have more young riders climbing on board the NSF250R than the USA, but that doesn’t mean those Spaniards will get all the fun. Announcing that the Honda NSF250R will be coming stateside, the NSF250R will be race legal in the USGPRU Moto 3 and WERA Motorcycle Road Racing classes.

Meant to be a race-ready track bike, Honda says the NSF250R is ready for duty straight out of the box. That box however will be an expensive one, as American Honda has set pricing at $28,599. Talented young riders can earn some of that investment back however, as Honda has included the NSF250R in its 2012 racing contingency program with levels of awards similar to those granted to racers competing on CBR models. Expect delivery in February 2012, but orders will be cut-off by September 2, 2011.

Source: American Honda

  • Quentin Wilson

    Note that they are going to have an optional swingarm that will allow the installation of a Diavel rear wheel.

  • Kevin

    My first thought was “COOL!”….until I saw the price tag. OUCH! I hope those “talented young riders” have rich mommies and daddies.

  • BBQdog

    If Moto3 was meant to be a cheap beginners class Honda is totally missing the point here.
    The current RS 125 was affordable, the NSF250R isn’t, shame ….

  • monkeyfumi

    The maintenance won’t be as cheap as the RS either.
    Mind you, motorcycle racing has always really only been for the financially well off.

  • @ quinton: well, at least then, one will not require a rearwheel stand for the paddock. ;-)

  • z

    longing for the day of a direct-injection two stroker to revive the old breed. This doesn’t interest me at all unless it were a third the price or less…

  • ircsmith

    fits that they call it the Non Sufficient Funds 250R

  • zipidachimp

    raises the question of how much relatively racers were paying in the seventies for yam td2/tr3s? these were true bellybutton racers that could really haul ass. and tons of racers could afford.


    Sheesh $28,599?! It doesn’t even have signal lights!

  • GeddyT

    Let’s see…
    CRF250R: $8000
    Forged wheels: $1500 (after subtracting spoked wheels)
    Swingarm: $1000
    Bodywork: $1000 (that’s being generous)

    Total? $11,500.


  • MikeD

    ~$29k… Oh Honda, ur so full of POOP, as usual. LOL.