The 2012 Honda NC700X is Coming to America

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Unveiled for the American market at the New York IMS Show, the Honda NC700X is officially coming stateside for 2012. The more off-road oriented version (6″ of travel up front, 5.9″ of travel in the rear) of the boringly practical 2012 Honda NC700S, the NC700X features Honda’s new 670cc parallel twin motor, which was built with fuel consumption and rideability in mind. The numbers won’t blow your hair back, with Honda’s new urban motor making 47hp and 44 lbs•ft of torque, but at 65 mpg, more practically minded riders will appreciate what the NC700X & NC700S have to offer.

A more adventurous flavor of the old motorcycle standard, the 2012 Honda NC700X, together with the NC700S variant that shares many of the same features, hopes to redefine the urban all-rounder segment, which the motorcycle industry has moved away from in recent years. And with a $6,999 base model price tag, this Honda just might do that.

Of course the NC700X isn’t completely vanilla, as Honda has optionally fitted the urban-adventurer with its latest generation dual-clutch transmission (DCT), as well as its combined anti-locking brakes (C-ABS). These add-ons will cost you though, and together bump the Honda NC700X’s price tag to $8,999. Photos after the jump.

Source: Honda