The 2012 Honda NC700X is Coming to America

01/23/2012 @ 7:45 am, by Jensen Beeler30 COMMENTS

Unveiled for the American market at the New York IMS Show, the Honda NC700X is officially coming stateside for 2012. The more off-road oriented version (6″ of travel up front, 5.9″ of travel in the rear) of the boringly practical 2012 Honda NC700S, the NC700X features Honda’s new 670cc parallel twin motor, which was built with fuel consumption and rideability in mind. The numbers won’t blow your hair back, with Honda’s new urban motor making 47hp and 44 lbs•ft of torque, but at 65 mpg, more practically minded riders will appreciate what the NC700X & NC700S have to offer.

A more adventurous flavor of the old motorcycle standard, the 2012 Honda NC700X, together with the NC700S variant that shares many of the same features, hopes to redefine the urban all-rounder segment, which the motorcycle industry has moved away from in recent years. And with a $6,999 base model price tag, this Honda just might do that.

Of course the NC700X isn’t completely vanilla, as Honda has optionally fitted the urban-adventurer with its latest generation dual-clutch transmission (DCT), as well as its combined anti-locking brakes (C-ABS). These add-ons will cost you though, and together bump the Honda NC700X’s price tag to $8,999. Photos after the jump.

Source: Honda

  • yooperbikemike

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy — The US is getting this overweight, underpowered tarted -up scooter in adventure drag and not the lovely v-4 powered Crossrunner.

  • Neil

    Ok…where’s the gas tank….?

  • yooperbikemike

    Neil — The filler is under the flip-up rear seat.

  • EM

    It is kinda ugly. I think a bit more motard styling would help it out.

  • jamesy

    Bitchin, you can take it miniature golfing. Yaaawwwn

  • gebeme

    Good God thats ugly!

  • Grandprix34


  • Steve Lang

    So the 800 pound guerrilla decides to throw another banana peel in it’s path then whine about it’s cooperate sales loss when they fall down and these things end up in the warehouse. “HEY HONDA”…Pull your head out of the opium den.

  • WetMan

    Thanks for your replies guys. I thought I was alone in thinking this is a lemon as this contraption is being hyped as the solution for global warming and world peace…

  • MikeD

    Oh c’mon…u guys are skinning the thing alive for no real reason… and this is coming from a Honda Hater.
    Get yourself out of the mind frame that every bike must be a fire breathing ANORECXIC beast and u’ll see the positives to this Cow.

    The only complaints i share with others is the location of the fuel tank cap…what if u have stuff strapped to your rear seat ? Take it off for filling ? Seems like a bother.

    ABS only on the DCT version ? Why ? Whats wrong with manual transmission and ABS Combo ?

    Yes, the thing screams BUDGET and BUILT TO A PRICE POINT besides DCT & ABS ( just look at that backyard made swing arm, 1960’s fork and single disc (i belief any bike over 350lbs should have dual disc set up front)… but it’s suposed to be like that. This is suposed to be CHEAP TO BUILD, a daily beater, comfy, good fuel economy, some cargo capacity, maybe easy to maintain ?
    Make life easier for those who always wanted a bike but were intimidated by manual transmissions and YET didn’t want to be part of the SCOOTER Crowd ?
    Maybe for the daily rider warrior that commutes on bumper to bumper hell ? (U know that clutch hand starts to hurt and get cramps).

    Im all for HP,lite weight, “Cat in a Rug ” Handling…don’t get me wrong…but this bike is not suposed to be “that”. That’s why they sell CBR’s.

  • MikeD

    P.S: At least they didn’t kid anyone with a 19″ front wheel.

    IM LOOKING AT U TRIUMPH and that HIDEOUS 19″ Front Wheel on the road-biased Tiger 800 non EXC.

  • MikeD

    …and all those other long legged overweight dirt-unworthy Winnebagos (S. Tenere, BMW GS, Honda CrossTourer, etc).

    Ok, i think im done for good now. LOL.

  • Frank Lee

    I don’t know, with a different pipe and some accessories, it might not look so bad. Heck, people thought, and some still think, the original Multistrada was ugly, but I think it looks much better in person then in pictures. Like a previous poster opined, this is not for the serious adv rider, it’s for the person who doesn’t have 13K to spend on a Triumph or BMW and still wants the upright seating and the longer suspension. And I’ve had several street bikes, a ’93 Ducati 750ss for example, that came with only one front disk and stopped just fine. Any bike that attracts new riders gets more people into the sport can’t be all bad, can it?


    Kinda like it. Like Frank said, with some new pipes and accessories, it would work.

  • jamesy

    43 rompin stompin ponies, be still my heart! I was getting 59 out of a somewhat tweaked ’88 NT650 Hawk that I raced, 66 from my STOCK SV650! I mean, how much gas mileage do I need??? Gotta keep from falling asleep on the damn thing dontcha? Numerous scooters have better storage and ergos AND power. This thing will disappear quicker than your girlfriends cherry.. just sayin

  • I think this will certainly sell. Lots of scooter people and guys tired of stop and go traffic in the big cities will like the DCT. I like the trunk and the adventure ‘look’ inasmuch as I have a long inseam and would be glad for stretch-out room. IF it will really do 60 or 70mpg, I’d REALLY like it. 50hp is enough to keep me in traffic and out of the nosebleed-section as far as insurance, and for 7 or 8 grand, I really want to try one when they get to the dealers. Windshield, panniers, I’m very interested . . . . I would like to have ABS with the manual, I really would not want the DCT for me.

    I, too, wish we were getting theCrossRunner: Would love to still have Interceptor bits running around and available.

    I don’t understand 200+ hp Ninjas or 1000-pound BMW adv bikes . . . . but that’s just me.

  • Damo


    I think you are the only person I have seen describe the Crossrunner as “lovely”, eww.

  • Dman

    Finally–a worthy successor to Honda’s PC-800 Pacific Coast!

  • motojc

    I was surprised to see it in the NY show. Love it!! 65mpg. storage for a helmet. baby crossover look. ABS (rep told me it will come standard). Options of electric plug in and heated grip. At $7k price!! I will sell my F8GS for it when it comes here (and have money to spare).

    It feels really light. One concern is, the seat is very slippery. You might fall off when trying to hang off or hang on. Other tings I would have liked done differently is tube wheels (it’s so much cheaper when you run over nails) and USD fork.

    But, happy enough as is. Good job Honda. June can’t come fast enough!!

  • motojc

    oh, and the gas cap under the seat is the only really stupid thing they did.

  • JP


    Lets hope a pipe and a big hole in the airbox can add some serious hp, I thought the 4X number was a joke. If they could get this thing up to 70+ it would have been a home run for the price. With any luck they choked the motor in order to boast the MPG figure, and some tweaks can get it to a reasonable number

  • AK

    That is definitely a scooter replacement… seriously what the hell Honda is thinking???. I will give a chance to Crossrunner cause of engine and practicality, in the end Crossrunner is still Fugly.

  • Jay K

    I like this bike. It’s competitive with the 2012 Moto Guzzi V7. The MG is lighter and has shaft drive. This Honda will be cheaper and probably get better gas mileage.

  • MikeD

    Jay K says:
    January 24, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    I like this bike. It’s competitive with the 2012 Moto Guzzi V7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    SERIOUSLY ?! ROTFLMAO…ok, ok…we are all different, i understand…(O_O)

  • MikeD

    People, again, this is not suposed to be a CBR600RR…is “TRANSPORTATION” (LOW HP, DECENT MPG, 0-60 under 15 sec ?)…with a side of ease of use and safety (DCT & ABS) and some lockable storage (FAKE fuel tank).

    But is ok…i too bitch “sometimes”(almost all the time) for no REAL reason(s). Is A BAD HABIT…LMFAO.

    P.S: Put away the pitch forks, torches and hanging rope…i too recognize is a bit TOO lame.

  • JoeD

    Another model to be dropped after 2 years of flat sales. I thought “Scooter Frame!” when I saw the naked photo- you know how well those control flex. The front end looks as though it came from the same folks that did the GS/HyperMotard stuff.(Bandwagon Copyists) With all that raw power, you don’t have to worry about the 18 wheel juggernaught on your tag mount either. The gas cap idea actually came from the Honda Truck Division. Load that Sales Flop and then try to get to the spare tire and other items underneath the load. Another Guttless Wonder from the minds that gave us the DN-01. Our local dealer has lots of leftovers from years past except for ATV’s, Gold Wings and generators. Perhaps those are the items Honda needs to concentrate on and ditch the rest. How much time and money have been wasted over the years to “Be Everything to Everybody”?

  • AK

    Mr. Jay K…. can you please elaborate how this bike is compared to Moto Guzzi V7 ?

  • mxs

    Good long distance daily commuter, if that’s what a buyer is looking for. Great MPG and hard to get in trouble with a local law enforcement. i am sure they will sell quite a few of them.

  • mxs

    I am just reading the other comments …. people really comment on this bike and use MG V7, Honda Crossrunner or DN-01 or all-in-one bike in the same sentence.

    Sometimes I really feel sorry for the manufacturers. They are trying hard to create bikes for different groups of customers. Yet the customers don’t bother reading nor thinking what was the intended purpose of the bike thought out by a manufacturer.

    If you think commuter, MPG, practicality and intended price point, don’t tell me you are surprised to see this bike. It makes perfect sense on paper and we will see whether they will sell them enough to make money.

  • What a bunch of wannabee racers. You guys have not a clue. This bike has more HP and torque than myKLR650 and will be smother to boot. (With great gas mileage!) It has the same redline as an old school muscle car. It’s a great bike!