Hello Kitty Oil – Yes, You Read That

06/22/2010 @ 1:05 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Branding can be a tricky trade, especially when it comes to putting your mark on someone else’s product. The optimal goal is to find partnerships where both products benefit from being associated with each other. For Agip, the Italian gasoline and oil company, the obvious perfect partnership is one with Hello Kitty, the cute white cat that does $1 billion in business each year. After all, who doesn’t like their 11 year-old Japanese girls mixed with three liters of motor lubricant? Oh yes, we went there.

We wish the following images were photoshops, we really do. It’s hard to imagine who thought that these two completely juxtaposed brands should be together, but there’s a lot of things that come out of Japan that we don’t fully understand, take the Honda DN-01 for example.

We guess if you were the owner of a Hello Kitty chainsaw, that you’d want to fill it with Hello Kitty oil. Or maybe it was just all about the money. Either way, there you have it. Ok universe, you win.

Source: Showa-Boeki

  • Buchanan

    Re: Japanese girl statement, you guys are awesome because you don’t censor yourselves. Finally a media outlet with some brass balls.

  • That chainsaw is the business!

    That oil is probably going for ¥1M right now on auctions.yahoo.co.jp. :D

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  • Woody

    “After all, who doesn’t like their 11 year-old Japanese girls mixed with three liters of motor lubricant? Oh yes, we went there.”

    I’m sure Japan has already made several videos depicting just that.

  • Doctor Jelly

    I think it’s a great marketing plan. A lot of younger women (teens) don’t really change their oil. Buuuut, if Hello Kitty is on the oil can…

  • Mike J

    That’s just what I need for my GS1150 Streetfighter..!

  • Where exactly does one sell a Hello Kitty chainsaw? Is this a Home Depot or Toys R’ Us purchase? Just curious, my 3 year old wants one to compliment her equally practical cupcake car…


  • johnrdupree

    Well, what else are you going to put in your Hello Kitty Ferrari?


    Hells, yeah. Check out those exhaust tips.

    IIRC, the cupcake cars were something some nerds* put together to get around Burning Man. They somehow got pickup up by Neiman Marcus.


    *I mean ‘nerd’ as a compliment. I aspire to that kind of nerdliness.

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  • Burt Reynolds

    Sanrio, owners of the Hello Kitty trademark, will let anyone use Hello Kitty on anything as long as they pay. There used to be a Hello Kitty vibrator but people in the US complained so Sanrio stopped that. Even though the vibrator was never marketed to the US. I’d buy Hello Kitty oil if I saw it, but the can would probably just sit to be gawked at.

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  • lol ..crorepati , I’m Very happy I ran across your post ,keep up the good work !