EPA Slaps Harley-Davidson with $12 Million Fine

08/18/2016 @ 4:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler102 COMMENTS


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) have just come to a settlement agreement with Harley-Davidson, which sees the American motorcycle manufacturer agreeing to pay a $12 million fine for its Screamin Eagle “super tuner” devices.

Also in the agreement, Harley-Davidson agrees to spend $3 million to mitigate air pollution (through a project to replace conventional woodstoves with cleaner-burning stoves in local communities), as well as to stop selling, buy back, or destroy any illegal devices that increase air pollution from the company’s motorcycles. Boom goes the dynamite.

While not quite the Dieselgate scandal that caught Volkswagen circumventing EPA emission standards, Harley-Davidson’s “super tuners” do provide an aftermarket solution for motorcyclists to circumvent the emission devices on their motorcycles.

Compounding the issue though, Harley-Davidson has sold an amazing number of these tuners. Accordingly the EPA and DOJ came down on the Bar & Shield brand like a box of bricks, but the likely costs to take the boxes off the market will make the fines pale in comparison.

All told, Harley-Davidson has sold an estimated 340,000 illegal devices, according to the EPA. Additionally, the EPA says that Harley-Davidson sold more than 12,000 motorcycles that were not covered by an EPA certificate, and thus didn’t meet federal emission standards.

“This settlement immediately stops the sale of illegal aftermarket defeat devices used on public roads that threaten the air we breathe,” said Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “Harley-Davidson is taking important steps to buy back the ‘super tuners’ from their dealers and destroy them, while funding projects to mitigate the pollution they caused.”

“Given Harley-Davidson’s prominence in the industry, this is a very significant step toward our goal of stopping the sale of illegal aftermarket defeat devices that cause harmful pollution on our roads and in our communities,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Cruden, head of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “Anyone else who manufactures, sells, or installs these types of illegal products should take heed of Harley-Davidson’s corrective actions and immediately stop violating the law.”

As you can tell by that statement from the DOJ, Harley-Davidson is very much being made an example of in this situation, and perhaps for good reason. For several years now there have been rumors of OEMs building and importing motorcycles in the USA that did not meet certain EPA emission and noise standards.

The settlement today is likely a warning shot that those actions will no longer fly under the radar. You can also consider this settlement a response to the EPA’s retracted proposal to apply on-road emission standards to road vehicles that were used in track or racing events.

What’s not clear from today’s proposed settlement is how much money in total this deal will cost Harley-Davidson. The $12 million fine, and $3 million mitigation costs are clear, but Harley-Davidson is also on the hook for the “super tuner” devices in the marketplace.

Harley-Davidson stock was down 10% at one point after this news, but has since rebounded to close at a 2% loss.

Source: Department of Justice

  • I will now Google what it is about these super tuners that got them in trouble since it’s not covered in the article

  • paulus

    Why brand it ‘street’ performance tuner? This seems like asking for legal issues.
    What is the current stance on ‘Race’ tuners? Then liability for use (miss-use) would be the vehicle owner?

  • They change the FI map.

  • I did enjoy Harley-Davidson try to spin these as “race only” parts that they should be legal via the appropriate loopholes. Of course, it says “street performance tuner” right on the damn box, and lets get really honest hear about how many Harley-Davidson’s are showing up to the race track…

  • paulus

    The box makes an emissions legal motorcycle become potentially illegal, by altering the fuel, air and/or ignition and increasing emissions.

    “any illegal devices that increase air pollution from the company’s motorcycles”

  • In-house counsel dropped the ball on this one, if you ask me.

  • paulus

    exactly… why screen print ‘street’ directly on it. Strange.

  • Randy R. Lebel


    Yeah, this is bullshit and it bodes poorly for a lot of things. EPA is
    all butthurt about the whole racing vehicle thing and like impudent
    little bitches they struck out at Harley.

    Everyone bitches and complains about climate change, global warming,
    etc, but they spend TRILLIONS on war and only a few billion on green
    technology, the most of which goes to lining pockets and doing fuck all
    to actually accomplish something.

    I know that there is a new battery technology about to come out for
    drones, half the weight and the same output, or the same weight and
    twice the output, but what about everything else? Electric bikes are
    still expensive as hell and rare and the range sucks. In 2018 the new
    batteries are supposed to be out for cars and I’d assume bikes and I am
    not against electric vehicles at all, but when you have to ransom both
    testicles to afford one, it isn’t viable. The US Gov needs to stop
    blowing the fuck out of countries, men, women and children and put that
    money to actually DOING something about the atmosphere if it really is
    an issue. Apparently the only thing they care about is mass genocide for
    banks and corporations. Otherwise they can take this whole Global
    Warming thing and shove it straight up their ass, sideways.

    Image our world if they invested the $3 TRILLION dollars into something
    that doesn’t require murder. As long as death matters more than the air
    we breathe, they can shut the fuck up and fuck off.


  • I think Harley-Davidson would love to spin the story that way, but honestly it looks like just fucked up, and that’s why they cut a deal with the EPA.

  • Also. Language.

  • Ryan Donahue

    Oof. I guess if you’re the biggest in the US, where there’s a current hard-on for emissions, you’re going to get targeted first.

    What I’m now most curious about is how a certain Italian manufacturer will handle their ECU and up-map kits that seem to be so common…

  • Stevesammy

    They were sold as off road/race use only, perfectly legal this whole time. The EPA is WAY out of control!

  • Stevesammy

    They made Street tuners and Super tuners. The Super Tuner was for off road use. This shows how much the EPA is like the mafia.

  • Stevesammy

    They were sold as off road race only. Perfectly legal. The EPA is too big and expensive to fight. Using the clean air narrative, soon race vehicles will also have to comply.

  • Campisi

    I’m a little surprised how many people around here seem to hate breathing.

  • irksome

    Hats off to all the pirates strapping on the steel shoe and gonna toss their FXWTFLOLs sideways.
    And I’ll pay for the ambulance ride to watch.

  • irksome

    Yeah, track days are littered with Road Kings and Soft Tails.
    Or, they would be if there were any showing up for “off-road use only”.

  • MikeD

    The EPA just fired again the smoking gun that shot VW….LOL.
    These poor Bastids never learn…be discovered by “big brother’s little helpers” and you’ll be riding the Wooden Horse, NAKED, in a dark dungeon for a LONG LONG TIME.

  • filehawg

    I would buy one just to put on my shelf as a keep sake LoL. I feel everyone should keep theirs and save Harley Tons of Money for they have already been fined way way too much money in fines.

  • Lucid_American

    I’m not giving up my tuner…

  • paulus

    NOT if they have “Street Performance Tuner” screen printed across the front of them…. and no “Race use only”. Those boxes are fair game for a law suit.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Jensen, the settlement clearly states “buy back the ‘super tuners’ from their dealers”, not the 340,000 they already sold to customers. The number on dealers shelves is likely not that many, and most will be gone by August 23 when they have to stop selling because there will be a mad rush to buy them. So the actual cost to Harley is $12 million for the fine, and $3 million for the mitigation, which they will spin into a public relations ad campaign demonstrating how ‘green’ they are. They knew what they were doing and the hammer was going to come down sooner or later. Even if they take some back from dealers, they can re-label them ‘Not for Sale in the USA’ and send them overseas.

  • 2 smart 2b liberal

    Apperantly Harley did not make the requisite donations to the proper political party….

  • The Blue Rider

    Do I understand correctly, that if these widgets were labelled “Race Only” they would be permitted, and the big no-no is HD selling them directly to road-going customers for normal use?

    I hadn’t heard of HD Super Tuners before today. HD apparently flunked Motorcycle Legalities 101. Nobody thought this would be a bad idea, to label a remap device with the word “Street” and sell it as official HD gear? So not one person in HD’s org tree knew this would run contrary to environmental regs, and that it’s like bending over with a big “Kick Me” sign in front of the gubmint? REALLY?

    God save us from the clipboard-carriers, whatever side of administrative law they’re on. Oy gevalt.

  • Joseph Barclay

    There are two different tuners available the “Street Tuner” which only allows compliant maps to be downloaded and the “Super Tuner” which lets you play with all the variables and set any maps. I use the Super Tuner and they are NOT getting it back

  • Dean Nothstein

    The picture accompanying the article is the WRONG product. Harley sells a Screamin’ Eagle Street Tuner and a Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner. The Super Tuner is the product the EPA has just declared illegal. The Street Tuner IS street-legal because it doesn’t give the user enough control over the bike to violate emissions standards. The Super Tuner does, however, it is labelled “For Offroad Use Only” on the box and in the catalog. Harley is being held responsible for the actions of private citizens – actions which are not the government’s business in the first place.

  • Dean Nothstein

    Problem is, that’s the wrong tuner. The Street Tuner and the Super Tuner are different products. The Street Tuner is street-legal, and the Super Tuner IS labeled “Offroad Use Only.”

  • Dean Nothstein

    They’re the exception, not the rule, but it’s not rare to see Dynas and Sportsters at the track. And Harleys have a very strong presence at the strip.

  • Michelle

    My husband did it on a Harley trike some years ago lost a tooth but fun was had😀

  • Shazzaaam

    After 35 years working in the public service keeping our country clean & green i still for the life of me can warrant a fine that large to be wasted by our governments & pollies when less than a third could of been put towards courses classes for our youth of today enspireing them to use public transport,dont use plastic bags,walk when possible,dont smoke,dont rubbish etc etc etc to create a better future world for all generations to come, but to hit an iconic brand thats doing it tough anyhow because of other competitive brands that rev twice as high twice the gasses.I can assure anybody the etc gasses from a tuner would be a third of any car boat plane train truck in a thousand years not to mention greenies quad bikes in forests,clorine in there pools,fumes from there plastic computer builds its called life as we know it and COULD GARANTEE THERES NOT ONE PERSON WHO READS THIS COMMENT THAT DOESNT DO 1 THING THAT HARMS OUR ENVIRONMENT without copping millions in fines like i said thatll be wasted probably…my 2c anyway baaahaaa! !!!!

  • Krylov

    I wonder how many of these devices were sold to H-D-customers in Germany?

    According to §19(2) STVZO (“Straßenverkehrszulassungsordnung” – yes, this indeed is one valid German word!) legislation you will loose the permit to use a vehicle if you tamper with it in such a way that will increase noise or other emmissions.

    (You also then ride without insurance coverage in case something goes wrong – a fact that German insurance companies know and that keeps German courts busy. You also might get additional fines and demerit points on your licence.
    B.t.w., it still might come to pass that due to this paragraph some VW cars may no longer be used on public roads, but I understand that this is not yet decided and open to VW upgrading/repairing these cars. I.e. this paragraph might bite some German VW owners in future if it weren’t for the good connection of VW to German politics.)

    VW problems aside, the installment of these electronic defeat devices should terminate the permit to use a H-D model on German public roads according to this paragraph.
    (Some of of these H-D models are so obnoxiously loud because equipped with aftermarket exhausts anyway that you start to wonder how the owners ever manage to fly past a police traffic control point and not get their vehicles shut down immediately.)

    The EPA statement should also affect such systems as PowerCommanders, Motec or Bazzaz aftermarket ECU tuning devices.
    I wonder, if the EPA will come down on the companies selling these devices, too?

    It will also interesting to see how H.-D. will manage to comply with the EURO4 rules that are mandatory in effect come 2017. Given that many European and Japanese brands have to eliminate many of their models due to these regulations, this should be a big problem also for H.-D.
    (Especially air cooled and large displacement V2 bikes seem to cause problems – Aprilia e.g. will discontinue their V2 motor models, Moto Guzzi eliminates the big V-twin Griso and Stelvia models, Yamaha terminates sales of the XJR 1300 air-cooled big block.)

  • MrDefo

    I have a legal question. A few years back I heard a former musician turned political activist (Okay it was Jello Biafra) complaining about Metal Blade Records taking an out of court settlement on a lawsuit that claimed that their music was the reason that the plantiff’s son killed people. His complaint that was that their taking the “easy way out” set a precedent that other plaintiffs could use to push through their own successful lawsuits. Just how true is that, and does it apply here with Harley Davidson’s decision? Is it truly an open door, or is it just a signal to the EPA (in this case) that they have inertia on their side, so to speak?

  • Eric de Vette

    (Regarding your last paragraph:) That’s why they sell these boxes, to get back the power lost because of insane regulations.

  • TheSeaward

    Aprilia USA right now.

  • Christopher Ring

    No sorry HD sold a enormous number of these devices specific to motorcycles that have no racing class. Your not racing a road king or softtail. The government could have been far harsher on HD than they were, HD sold over 85 million dollars worth of these devices and they were only fined 15 million including court costs.

  • Ayabe

    Knowing HD this gives you an extra +5lb/ft of TQ, -5 HP, +1 quart of oil consumption per 500 miles, and dumps pure sulfur out the pipes.

    Grab one while you can!

  • Ren

    Maybe YOU should do some research before posting, sir. Yes, the picture does say street tuner, however that’s not the module in question. The Super Tuner, which is clearly labeled Race Only on it’s packaging, is under fire. The article should’ve put the correct picture, and you should have done some research

  • Christopher Ring

    Ducati doesn’t officially license anything for sale in the US that doesn’t comply with emission standards. If you take your Panigale to a performance shop that reprograms the ECU, that’s on you not on Ducati because they didn’t endorse it or take the proceeds from that action. If you try to get warranty repair with a uptuned ECU and its going to be denied because that isn’t a supported configuration. HD got busted because those devices were officially licensed HD products install at a HD approved dealer.

  • Ryan Donahue

    Ducati sells either an up-map key or a piggy-back ECU with many of the aftermarket Termi pipes and full systems, all of which richen up the fueling across the rev range.

  • Ryan Donahue

    They were already in the bushes. The dealers are so few and far between…

  • Christopher Ring

    From a business point of view paying upwards of 1 million dollars in legal fee’s on a case you stand a 50/50 chance of losing in the best of circumstances isn’t a good for you, settling the case for a fraction of that makes better sense. A lot of the kind of extremely defensive stands you see companies taking from a legal point of view is so that if a action is brought against them it will get tossed out of court for lack of standing.

  • Christopher Ring

    The red key, black key thing puts that into user’s hand and free’s Ducati from liability exposure. Its very clear explained that if you want to drive on the street you need to use the black key, you can use a red key at a trackday. Which you gotta admit is pretty ingenious, because it takes a conscious decision on the part of the user every time they start the bike on whether they want to be in compliance.

  • MrDefo

    I understand why a business might settle, my question is how does this settlement affect us going forward?

  • That’s excessively heavy handed considering how few motorcycles are on the road, and how few of those are Harley Davidsons, and how few of those are model years new enough for this to even be an option… And even super tuned – how little actual effect that this would have. Overall – it’s not what this could due to the air. It’s about Respecting the EPA’s Authority.

  • The Blue Rider

    Nah, I’d rather just bitch. Thanks for playing though.

  • The Blue Rider

    Oh, do your research, Shutton! Kent Brockman, Channel 6 news.

  • TechGuy5489

    I think you’ve got Ducati and Dodge mixed up. Ducati *absolutely* sells non compliant full exhaust systems and there is no red key/black key system like the Hellcat. You install an exhaust system, you enable the *Ducati provided* map on the ECU, and the bike remains in that state until you go through the exercise of uninstalling that map.

  • Tony

    If you think the tweaked exhaust from a small V twin engine pukes more emissions than a smog exempt 25+ year old V8 289 Mustang you’re definitely trying to “breath” up the wrong tree.

  • Campisi


  • Tony

    So it’s OK to make a 67 Mustang with a blown 289 V8 and 4 barrel Holley carb that probably spews as much emissions as a couple dozen of these remapped Harleys exempt from emissions standards but we’re gonna attack the tiny bit of extra emissions a small, modern V twin engine puts out? Frigging wow…..Just wow. This is like holding gun manufacturers responsible civilly for people getting murdered because the murderer used that company’s gun to kill the other person. How do you hold a company liable for misusing the product that clearly states it’s for off road use only?

  • SoCal Dude

    Everyone in the industry knew this was coming eventually, just didn’t know how much $$$ it would be. No surprise here.

  • Varuka Salt

    No they weren’t. That’s blatantly false. Look at the picture at the top of the article. I’m assuming that you can read, unless you used voice to text to post your completely erroneous statement. It literally says Street Performance Tuner, right there on the image on this very page. You don’t even have to rack your brain with the complexities of googling it. Please tell me, unless you are completely illiterate, how you could possibly come to the conclusion that these were sold as “race only.”

  • Varuka Salt

    Since you said it again, I’ll say it again.. No they weren’t. That’s blatantly false. Look at the picture at the top of the article. I’m assuming that you can read, unless you used voice to text to post your completely erroneous statement. It literally says Street Performance Tuner, right there on the image on this very page. You don’t even have to rack your brain with the complexities of googling it. Please tell me, unless you are completely illiterate, how you could possibly come to the conclusion that these were sold as “race only.”

  • Varuka Salt

    No one except you is making that comparison here. This is called moving the goalposts. It’s a common tactic of those that don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

  • Schyler

    I’d like to chime in. I work at a Harley dealer in the parts department and the reason this is an issue is cuz the street tuner can only adjust for screaming eagle air cleaners and slip on exhaust which are largely epa compliant. When people want to do the loud full exhaust systems and eliminate the catalytic converter the street tuner can no longer tune the bike fully. It’s not Harley requiring it or pushing it. Harley has said for years the super tuner voids parts of your warranty. It’s people wanting to do aftermarket loud or fast set ups that is driving the sale of super tuners.

  • MrDefo

    The manufacturer files for license plates? Not the owner?

  • Christopher Ring

    Dealership files the original paperwork when you buy a car or motorcycle. The HD dealers are certified by HD, so they do bear some liability.

  • Zeek Seseika

    Because there is NO evidence to go after Hillary…you’ve been bamboozled on that! as you have been Bamboozled into buying that pig of a bike LOL…

  • MrDefo

    That comes across as very flimsy. The dealership put the part on, and the dealer filed the paperwork, not HD. Certified or no, should the corporate entity be fined and forced to remove its product based on the actions of a franchised store? Isn’t that part of the point of franchising, to absolve the manufacturer of responsibility when the franchise makes a poor decision?

  • Gary

    One person riding a motorcycle with a tuner compared to one person driving a car is one eighth the foot print, one sixtieth the missions, this is a blatant example of the Government trying to control everything

  • Tyler Hammond

    (whining) meanwhile every american made diesel v8 truck is spewing black poison into air and not a word about that. the real polluters are not the citizens, it meat , oil and chemical industries. EPA are bitches

  • Tyler Hammond

    yeah I think you hit it square, the auto industries are “too big” to harass like this. the VW thing was practically and accident and EPA didnt even discover it

  • Christopher Ring

    No if you get food poisoning at a Chipotle and the franchise prepared the food in accordance with Chipotle guidelines using Chipotle provided components you can sue the corporation not the franchise.

    But you hit on why this is a extraordinary situation, if at any step in the chain of custody (for lack of better term) control left Harley-Davidson or its official agents HD wouldn’t bear any responsibility. If the fuel controller was a Power Commander or bazzaz it wouldn’t have a HD problem, that would be the dealer acting independently by placing 3rd party products in the bike. If the customer took possession for a day it would have been the customers problem. Because HD and its agents controlled everything through delivery to the customer they bear responsibility. With 12000 units over 2 years your talking about 100’s of dealer involved which prevents HD from saying this is the isolated actions of a bad actor.

  • Muleman Jack

    I see this as a bunch of governmental OX-EX. An Ox is a castrated BULL, and EX is short for Excrement.. Just Imagine how much clean air this will generate..

  • Scott Eugene Campbell

    Motorcycles emit far less air pollution than automobiles do. They use far less fuel and help conserve our natural resources. Yet the EPA desperate for money sues them. They are trying to shake down any company that is making money so they can pad their own pockets.

  • Stephen

    Varuka you have completely missed the point that Dean was making, the STREET tuner is the tuner that is pictured, the SUPER tuner is the tuner that meets no EPA regulations and the SUPER tuner says “race use only” clearly on the front, now I’m assuming that you can read, unless you used voice to text to post your completely erroneous statement so have a re-read and you will soon figure out how so many people came to the conclusion that these were sold as “race only”

    it says “race only” on the box, on the massive warning letter that comes with the tuner and it’s also written on the actual tuner itself, so probably a good idea to stop insulting people for having an opinion when you don’t actually have any first hand experience with the subject yourself.

  • Jason

    No they don’t. Motorcycles, in general, get better fuel economy than cars but they emit far more emissions. This is due to the fact that motorcycles use primitive emission systems compared to a car. In 2017 we still have motorcycles sold with carbs, when is the last time a carburetor was used in a car or truck?

    The Las Angeles times a a good article on the topic: http://www.latimes.com/news/la-hy-throttle11-2008jun11-story.html

    If you don’t believe me or them the EPA certifications are here: https://www3.epa.gov/otaq/crttst.htm

  • Keith Dean Morreale

    States on the packaging Race Application Only. There are several “Street classes” in the AMRA (American Motorcycle Racing Association)

  • Keith Dean Morreale


    There is a class for kings and softails. Theres a class from top fuel to pocket bike.

  • Randy R. Lebel

    Sorry, I get so upset at the fallacy of our government taking about the environment, when it’s so plain to see that war is over 3000% more important.

  • coreyvwc

    Ducati doesn’t make full exhaust systems and race ECU’s. Termignoni and Akrapovic make/sell full exhaust systems and race ECU’s that fit on Ducatis. Harley did make there own and equipped them on motorcycles before they even left the dealership. That is the problem.

  • coreyvwc

    Agreed, per unit of displacement modern motorcycles have higher emissions than modern cars. Most car engines are just larger than most motorcycle engines and that’s where people get confused. A 2000cc motorcycle engine will emit much more than a 2000cc car engine, simple as that.

  • TechGuy5489

    Ducati rebrands and resells both Termignoni and Akrapovic and Ducati is the one responsible for the tune/ecu as neither Termi nor Akra provide a fueling solution with their systems.

  • Eric

    As a former Marine, I agree 1000%. If we focused on environmentally sound energy solutions, we wouldn’t have to be spending blood and treasure on getting oil…

  • Eric

    Don’t many of the sport bike manufacturers sell race only fuel maps? They also sell dealer-installed power commanders, non dot-compliant exhausts, etc. This is exactly the same thing, so the sport bike guys better hope EPA doesn’t come after them next.

  • Randy R. Lebel

    Glad to see others get it. I served in the US Navy Seabees. Nothing like the Marines really, but my grandpa, my dad, my brother and myself served. My grandpa in WWII, my dad in Vietnam, my brother in Iraq part one. Army. Navy, Army, Navy. It seems that almost everything after WWII is very questionable as to why we were there.

    I just wish we put more into life, than we do death.

  • Jason

    No it isn’t as simple as that. Emissions are not measured by unit of displacement. They are measured in grams per mile (cars) and grams per Kilometer (motorcycles). I’m talking about a 400cc Suzuki DR400 motorcycle emitting 4 times the CO and 6 times the NOx as a 6300cc Ferrari F12

    DR400 emits 7 grams / km of CO (4.3 grams per mile) and .3 grams per km of NOx (0.18 grams / mile)

    Ferrari F12 puts out 1 gram / mile of CO and 0.03 grams / mile of NOx

  • ‘Mike Smith

    I am not a fan of Harleys but this is BS. If we are so worried about pollution, there’re a million better ways to reduce it.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    But I like smelling like gasoline after riding my R1!

  • unpundit

    The real issue here is that the EPA, and every other federal law enforcement agency, is acting outside the bounds of the constitution.
    They shouldn’t even exist.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled Olympics and (fake) election coverage.

  • Shooter

    You cannot put one on yourself. A dealership or aftermarket shop that has a dyno has to download the program, change the numbers on your air,fuel mixture. I know, I will not be giving up mine. Another big problem is these shops will lose money on a $5,000-$12,000 piece of equipment.

  • Michelle Young

    Stop behind a semi on your Harley and then we can talk about “threaten the air we breath”

  • appliance5000

    Like the mafia? I guess I’ll thank Frank the Cadillac Saleme for the clean water in my town.

    HD was caught in a lie – now they pay for that lie – what’s so hard to unnerstan?

    Pollution actually kills people – now THAT’S like the mafia!

  • appliance5000

    The only thing they are racing is RVs – and they’re losing.

  • appliance5000

    The air cooled engine is nearing its demise.

  • yes I ride

    I would like all the HOGS with non compliant aftermarket pipes impounded until that time as they are street legal at time of manufacture. You want to go faster get a bike not designed in the early 20th century.

  • Matt Sullivan

    The epa recently passed a law stating no vehicle made for street use may be modified for race use so thats out the window now

  • victor victor bravo

    Our mayor not to long ago welcomed into port a ship that created more pollution than all cars and motorcycles in the US combined, but I guess this is the most important thing.

  • RS

    There seems to be a little misunderstanding here. As an HD owner who recently purchased the now illegal tuning module, I’ll try to clear things up. The tuning module pictured at the top of this article (Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Tuner) is not being outlawed. The tuner this article is actually referring to is the Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner Pro, which is intended for race applications only. I’m looking at the package mine came in right now. Anyway, not saying whether HD was right or wrong or anything like that, just clearing up the mix up. Wrong picture on the article. That’s it…

  • Daniel Cuneo

    appliance, You’re very naive on polluting the air. We are talking 1/8 of 1% of the population that rides once or twice a week and maybe 2K miles per year. That’s statistically irrelevant. In fact lawnmowers pollute more than these race tuner bikes and there are a lot more people using those. I hope you don’t have a polluting lawnmower?? Meanwhile China & India have huge pollution issues and outright burn old computer garbage that pollute a million times more than a bike. This is simple a vendetta by the liberal mafia and grab for cash and do absolutely nothing for pollution. A well tuned bike runs cooler and gets more MPG and last longer than the too lean running bikes out of the crate. Mafia indeed. Now they should go after real criminals.

  • I wish people would stop making this argument.

    This concept of regulating emissions should be reduced to a this-or-that choice. Just because there activities or machines that cause more pollution, doesn’t mean that an activity or machine that creates less should therefore not be regulated.

    Are there bigger fish to fry than what comes out of the tailpipe of a motorcycle? Most certainly. Should we still regulate motorcycle emissions though? Most certainly.

  • Josh Baker

    I think he meant put one on his shelf as a keepsake. Not install his self. Although you can install them yourself. With the software you can make all the adjustments yourself if you know what you’re doing. Doing it all without a dyno is tricky, but after a few runs you can get it dialed in.

  • Twisted1

    Anyone want to buy an illegal Harley tuner? lol

  • rc_cola

    Apparently you have never been to the oval dirt track races where Harley is king in their size class. Of interest, Indian is prepping a purpose based Scout to go head to head with the Harleys.
    Remember, there are many different types of motorcycle racing.

  • rc_cola

    True dat!
    And, it won’t be a surprise when the EPA starts looking at aftermarket exhaust to see if it has the EPA Certification on it.
    Just look at the stock Harley muffler. It has an EPA statement on it that says modifying the exhaust in any way is against the law.
    That hammer will probably drop in another few years when John Q gets tired of loud motorcycles.

  • rc_cola

    True, and the new engine design that Harley is putting out has a form of liquid cooling on it. But, it is very cleverly hidden to not scare away the faithful.

  • Marc Jackson

    While motorcycles are only responsible for 1% of vehicle miles/kilometres, they are responsible for 10% of emissions. This is why they are being looked at. The Mahle Turbulent Jet Ignition reduces Nox by 98% and maintains bmep at a lambda of 1.8 achieving a net thermal efficiency of over 44%

  • Bob Harrington

    I’m more than a little surprised that morons are paying 20 grand for a pushrod engine.

  • Michael Howard

    My local H-D dealer is totally sold out of their street-legal XR-750s.

  • rc_cola

    Non-sequitur, as there are no street legal XR-750’s made, but I’m sure if you actually wanted to buy an XR-750, you could. He was asking to hear about how many Harleys were showing up on race tracks, not how many street legal Harleys were showing up on race tracks.

  • Michael Howard

    My sarcastic reply referenced Mr Beeler’s comment about “race only” parts being used on street bikes. I took for granted that his statement about how many Harleys are seen on race tracks was referring to modified street bikes on the tracks and not actual race bikes (since most of us here presumably know what an XR-750 is).

  • rc_cola

    The model pictured at the top of this article is not the tuner that is being discussed, ironically. They grabbed a picture of the wrong tuner. The tuner that has the EPA up in arms does not say “street” on it.