Harley-Davidson LiveWire Production Resumes

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William Shakespeare wrote the story “Much Ado About Nothing” which easily could have been the true telling of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire production halt, which we reported last week.

This is because we are happy to report that Harley-Davidson has resumed the production line for its first electric motorcycle model, after determining that concerns over the bike’s charging system were localized to a single model.

As you may recall, Harley-Davidson stopped production on the LiveWire last week, citing concerns over the onboard Level 1 charger that comes standard on the street bike.

This meant that LiveWire owners were left to charge their motorcycles on DC fast chargers only, which was certainly a less-than-convenient method for many owners who preferred to charge their bikes overnight in their garage.

However, the revelation is certainly good news for Harley-Davidson and LiveWire owners overall, but it shows how under-the-microscope the Bar & Shield brand is with its first foray from heritage-focused cruisers.

The iconic American brand will certainly recover from this tough PR week, but obviously there is still a market sensitivity to Harley-Davidson’s long-term prognosis. Tis but a scratch?

Source: Harley-Davidson

Jensen Beeler

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