Harley-Davidson Continues Search for EV Workers

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Think the Harley-Davidson LiveWire project was just a stunt for shareholders? No one can say for certain, of course, but the Bar & Shield brand is continuing its search for experts in electric vehicle production…which we doubt anyone would have believed 10 years ago.

Right now Harley-Davidson has two positions posted on its career portal — a Staff Technical Engineer and a Advanced Manufacturing Project Engineer — both of which refer to an EV/Electrical project at Harley-Davidson.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Staff Technical Engineer position clearly states that “[t]his position will help drive projects like Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle ‘Project Livewire’. They will be a key Electrical Engineering stakeholder and help Harley-Davidson bringing innovation to the street with Electric Vehicle (EV) Technology.”

This isn’t the first time Harley-Davidson has posted job openings for EV projects, and it makes you wonder what other projects Harley-Davidson could be considering beyond Project LiveWire.

It certainly would be a bold move to see Harley-Davidson return to its racing roots with an electric race bike, and give Team Mugen a run for their money at the Isle of Man. That’s where our mind wanders, at least.

Source: Harley-Davidson