Harley-Davidson Hits Chatroulette – Internet Genius or Advertising Disaster, You Make the Call

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There is no doubt at this point that Harley-Davidson needs to engage new markets and customers in order for the company to continue to succeed. Along this vein, the Milwaukee brand recently retained the services of Sassenbach Advertising to help push the biker message out onto the internet. With virtually no budget, a computer, and a webcam, the German ad agency engaged over 170,000 people per week with the Harley-Davidson brand message “Sorry I’m on the Road” on Chatroulette, the latest internet craze.

Known better for naked men asking for pictures of women’s naked body parts, chatroulette randomly connects strangers via webcam where they can see each other, interact, and at the very least demand a boob shot. With some interesting demographics and statistics comprising your typical chatrouletteer, Sassenbach clearly saw an overlap with the Harley-Davidson target audience: single men who hang-out online hoping to see naked women there as well.

This is either the most horrible plan executed extremely well, or a great media scheme gone horribly, horribly, horribly wrong. We really can’t tell right now, and that’s sort of the interesting part.

Check out the video below that Sassenbach put together. We feel sorry for the poor bastard who had to waddle throw hours of penis videos to find these clips. But on the flip side, 150,000 impressions in a week for basically nothing? Not a bad deal until you factor in the ad agency’s retainer fee.

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane