Happy Birthday to A&R’s Biggest Fan!

06/08/2014 @ 5:33 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


Asphalt & Rubber wants to give a special shoutout to our boy BT, who is adding another candle to the cake today. BT is probably A&R‘s biggest fan, at least that’s what he told me emphatically in Austin, Texas last year — after he ambushed me coming out of the men’s bathroom in the media center.

What was an entirely awkward experience, was quickly made 50-shades of awesome by how enthusiastic BT was for our humble motorcycle blog. Firing away questions he had about recent stories, quoting back lines that we had written, and just generally being passionate about motorcycling, BT had an almost stalker appreciation for our musings.

In other words, he is pretty much the guy a motorcycle blogger wants to meet outside a men’s bathroom…that may have come out wrong.

An incredibly hilarious and passionate man, you can find BT performing in Indianapolis, or wherever funny jokes are told, not to mention at just about any motorcycle race that’s willing to sell him a ticket.

It’s fans like the one-and-only BT (accept no substitute) that make all the hard work here worthwhile — along with all our over diehard readers, I might add. Keep on laughing brother, but let me wash my hands first next time. Happy Birthday!

  • Dean H


    I love that you took time to appreciate a fan such as BT. Your blog’s passion is obviously motorcycles, but your connections are to us as readers and followers. It’s because you care for your readership that you produce such great articles which have us hooked and waiting for our next “fix”. I’m proud this type of article elicits my first comment after a couple years of following. KEEP IT UP!


  • B.T.

    I am so happy I’m beside myself!!! Thank you sooooooooo much.I am humbled and honored.Your fans are awesome because you and “A&R” are awesome.
    Thank you for making this Birthday Great and can’t wait until I see you in Indy!!

  • Eyvind


    B.T. first of all Happy Birthday!

    Definitively a fan of this blog. I love your down to goodness honesty and love of motorcycling.

    I posted elsewhere, that A&R doesn’t post anything unless they have something to say.

    Truly enjoy, keep them coming.

    Thank you,

  • Yeah BT is the sickest race/bike/redbull fueled fan on earth Happy Birthday man

  • fab foto ..!
    & indeed I echo the positive sentiments above
    Ride in peace!!

  • Hope it was a good one BT! Thanks for the love fest everyone.

  • David

    Awesome story.

    HB to BT!

    Maybe a kiss on the cheek would have been better.

    Going to be awkward not washing your hands now.