Hanoi Ponders Banning Motorcycles by 2025

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In most of the Western World, motorcycles are seen as a means of easing inner city traffic congestion. But, in some parts of the world, even the efficient transportation options of motorcycles are not enough to keep the roadways moving.

Such is the case in Vietnam, where there is a movement to ban the use of motorcycles within the Hanoi city limits. With the roads already resembling something out of a Mad Max scene, even scooters and small-displacement bikes appearing to be to many in number there (Note: I’m not sure I agree with this premise -JB).

There are currently 4.9 million motorcycles registered in Hanoi, with projections seeing that figure hit 7 million registered bikes by 2020.

This is why Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman of the People ‘s Committee, is pushing to restrict motorcycles in Hanoi, similar to how other European cities have begun to ban cars from inner-city boundaries.

The hope is that this ban will push Vietnamese city dwellers to use public transportation, thus alleviating some of the traffic congestion.

Whether or not that idea is feasible is up for debate, though there does seem to be a consensus that Hanoi’s public transportation system would have to improve in order to accommodate the increase of use.

Source: MasMoto

Jensen Beeler

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