500,000 Triumphs Built at Hinckley

05/12/2011 @ 6:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

Half a million Triumphs have rolled out from the Hinckley company and its five factories since its rebirth in 1990, which was restarted with the purchase of the firm by John Bloor. With 20 years of new-found success under its belt, Triumph is 2,000 employees strong, and ready to celebrate two decades worth of brand revival by touring its 500,000th motorcycle: a 2012 Triumph Speed Triple.

The bike will go on a promotional tour starting May 24th, and helping show the genesis of the machine, the British company has put together this video that shows its progress down the Triumph line. It’s a well done video, which celebrates a worthy achievement…now if only A&R could get its hands on the new Speed Triple, all would be well in the world. Watch the video after the jump.

Source: Moto22

  • irksome

    And I’m proud to own one of them. In 13 years, it’s let me down once; a bad relay at less than $20.

  • Other Sean

    Very cool milestone, many congratulations. I don’t own one, but I admire the brand, it’s products, and this successful reinvention. A nice change of pace to news of other modern “start ups” so to speak.
    They’ve done a good job of creating models across the range and holding their brand identity.