Gas Prices by County in the United States

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In case you haven’t been to a pump recently, gas prices are getting more and more expensive lately, thanks mostly in part to the civil unrest in the Middle East (Libya in particular). While the current sticker shock on gas prices is due to temporary issues, the United States is still bracing itself for $5.00/gallon gasoline this summer, which our friends abroad would love to see in their home countries as they pay nearly double that price for only a litre of fuel. Curious to see how gas prices breakdown by state and by county? Check out this cool widget that Brammo is hosting on its website.

There’s two big takeaways we see from this map: 1) You’ll find your cheapest gas in the Rocky Mountain region and New Jersey, and 2) if you live in California, like most motorcycle riders, you’re basically hosed. California’s prices are so much higher than the national average, the map needs some more colors just to distinguish between the central valley and coastal prices of the Golden State (our trip today say near $4.00 gasoline in the SF/Bay Area). Ok New Jerseyans, you win this round.

Source: Brammo