Asphalt & Rubber regulars should be aware by now that Spanish trails/enduro manufacturer Gas Gas is in a bit of financial trouble, and is now up for liquidation. One of the suitors of Gas Gas is of course KTM, as the Austrian company is likely eager to add a robust trials machine to its lineup.

There’s a slight problem with that thought though: the Gas Gas employees are well aware of what happened to Husqvarna and its Italian employees, after KTM purchased the Swedish brand from BMW Motorrad, and moved Husky’s Italian operations to Austria.

We don’t think we need to parse too many words explaining the position of some Gas Gas employees, this video says it quite well enough. Watch it, after the jump.

Source: EnduroPro

  • not sure

    I am not sure what they are saying. I wish people would just come out and say what they think instead of beating about the bush… it just sends mixed messages.

  • John Walker

    I like visual aids

  • Campisi

    I’ve never seen a more relaxed tyre fire.

  • VForce

    Orientation day might be awkward.

  • BBQdog

    They can jump high or low but in the end money rules …..

  • thumper702

    Ahhhh…nothing like a “warm” welcome for your new owners!!!! :-))

  • Eric de Vette

    “what happened to Husqvarna and its Italian employees” eehh… Husqvarna was Swedish, so al those Italian employees in the Swedish factory where probably pissed that they where moved to Italy? Or are they also angry at Cagiva and BMW?

  • John Walker

    KTM might retain 3% of the employees. The rest better put a GasGas t-shirt on that manican

  • John Clelland

    so jensen, i’m confused … it seems from watching the video that the gas gas employees are welcoming KTM … those are pinatas and marshmallow bonfires, right?

  • spamtasticus

    Or they can do what the real Husqvarna employees did when the Italians bought them out. Stay behind and start Goz Goz and then still get absorbed by KTM 15 years later.

  • BBQdog

    Well, those GasGas employees better start improving their German because reading the lower board there is some reason to.

  • Mike Edwards

    I love when ignorant people try to correct people who know what they’re talking about.

  • Eric de Vette

    Well, correct me then.

  • John Walker

    There were no Italian employees in Swedish factory. The Sweedish folks got a big Italian Sausage for a severance package.

  • Eric de Vette

    Duh, O M G …

    (and let the other dumbass ‘correct’ me, he loves it.)

  • Mike Edwards

    Stefan Pierer/KTM (from Austria) bought Husqvarna from BMW (from Germany), and then shut down the Husky factory in Varese, Italy where the Italian workers made Husky bikes. In doing so, they shuttered the factory and laid off the Italian workers. Easily corrected.

    and even here, on A&R:

    It’s even on wikipedia:

  • Mike Edwards

    It was very easy to point out where you were wrong. I suspect correcting your ignorance is a bigger task. I guess we know who the dumbass is.

  • John Walker

    de Vette

    Therefore the evidence has been presented. What say ye?

  • Eric de Vette

    You both are just too stupid. ?

  • John Walker

    I think the NASCAR BLog is calling you.

  • Mike Edwards

    Reading comprehension just isn’t his strong point.

  • 73mach3

    i get it

  • Eric de Vette