What Do You Call an Electric Buell Motorcycle? Fuell

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Erik Buell’s latest venture has taken another step forward, and gained a new name in the process.

What was once called the VanguardSpark motorcycle venture (a name mashing from Vanguard Motorcycles and SPARK Racing partnership) now goes by the name “Fuell” – a nod to the company’s other founding partner, Erik Buell.

The EV mobility company is still on path to create two machines on its first outing, a small-displacement equivalent electric motorcycle that is called “Flow” as well as a pedal-assist / moped bicycle named “Fluid”.

The Flow electric motorcycle comes in two flavors, aimed at both licensed and unlicensed would-be motorcyclists. As such, there is a 15hp (11kW) model that should fall under moped laws in most countries, and a 47hp (35kW) model for more traditional urban motorcycle use.

Similarly, the Fluid bicycle also comes in two flavors, in order to arbitrage the varying laws in the electric bicycles space.

As such, there is pedal-assist version that goes up to 20 mph, and a “S-Pedlec” version that will operate the motor beyond 20 mph (up to 28 mph), though this will likely require an endorsement of some kind in most jurisdictions.

Both Fluid bicycle models come with two swappable 490 Wh batteries (980 Wh total), and the motor features 73 lbs•ft of torque (100 Nm).

Pricing is pretty reasonable-ish for both the Fuell Flow and Fuell Fluid, with base MSRP at $3,295 for Fluid and $10,995 for Flow, though there are certainly cheaper options available in the market.

Fuell says that both machines are upgradable, in terms of battery, chargers, and wheel-motors, which should help keep ownership fairly future-proof. Styling might be an issue for some, but then again that’s always been the case with machines with the Buell name attached to them.

We expect to see more information from Fuell in the coming months. So, stay tuned.

Source: Roadracing World; Photos: Fuell