European Motorcycle Sales Show Signs of Life

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Three points makes a trend, so refrain from the high-fives and ching-ching’s, but European bike sales are finally showing signs of life after seeing steady growth in January and February, compared to last year.

With motorcycle sales up 14.8%, and combined motorcycle and moped sales up 8.6%, two-wheelers in Europe seem to be headed in the right direction.

It comes as no surprise that the countries with currently the stronger economies are leading the resurgence in motorcycle sales, as Germany posted a 47.8% increase YTD over last year (24.1% for motorcycle and moped sales).

Italy has its first quarter sales results in, and even the Italians are seeing growth in 2014 with the motorcycle market up 9.3% YTD. Italy can thank a strong third month for that sales figure, as motorcycle sales were up 28.3% in March.

It probably helps that March 2013 had disastrous sales, with Italy being down 47% in March 2013. What’s of even more value to note, motorcycle sales in Italy see growth across many of its displacement categories, including the liter-bike class.

Source: Visordown & ANCMA