Erik Buell Racing Prices Announced

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Erik Buell Racing has released pricing details on its EBR 1125R DSB, EBR 1125RR, and EBR 1190RR race motorcycles. In addition to these models, Erik Buell Racing also has a few track bikes that are available for sale. Prices after the jump.

EBR 1125R DSB – 140hp – 80lbs•ft – 390lbs (wet no fuel) – $16,900
EBR 1125RR – 170hp – 86lbs•ft – 368lbs (wet no fuel) – $41,900
EBR 1190RR – 185hp – 93lbs•ft – 360lbs (wet no fuel) – $44,900

Erik Buell Racing is reporting that is has a few trackday bikes, which come with a full fairing, chain drive, and other track-only goodies. These bikes are available for $10,500. Contact Erik Buell Racing for details.

Source: Facebook