Is This The Erik Buell Racing 1190RS?

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Posted to Erik Buell Racing’s Facebook page yesterday, this photo is what we presume is the soon to be released Erik Buell Racing 1190RS street bike. Based off the EBR 1190RR race bike, Erik Buell & Co. have been slowly teasing the idea of producing a limited production street bike, now that certain legal obligations are coming to a conclusion. No word yet on price or quantities, but we don’t expect this to be EBR’s foray into large production, and units are likely to be hand produced at the American company’s race shop.

From the photo we can see a mirror with an integrated signal, along with a stacked headlight assembly that has at least one projector element. True to the Buell brand, the EBR 1190RS looks equipped with a single perimeter-style brake disc and wheel system. There’s a lot of anxious Buell fans waiting for this bike, and if rumors are true, we could be seeing a few other bikes from Erik Buell Racing in the coming year or so.

Source: Facebook via HFL