Erik Buell Racing just posted this photo on its Facebook page with the caption “Spy photo of the race 1125 and the 1190RS in the van on it’s way to Indy for the big show! Thank you to everyone for your faith and support! It’s going to be an amazing year!” Strapped next to its AMA Pro Racing counterpart, we see that the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS street bike was thankfully completed in-time for the Dealer Expo, and will debut with the exhaust can we were less than enthralled about during other glimpses of the machine.

But after last night’s glimpse of what’s underneath the fairings, we think we’ll forgive EBR on this one, as the 1190RS appears to be a no-compromises race bike with headlights, mirrors, and turn signals attached to it (which is exactly how the machine evolved).

The Indy Dealer Expo was an important venue for Buell and his crew to make with the 1190RS street bike, as the company will likely be looking for dealers to carry the exclusive and expensive American-built street bike, and the hopefully more affordable models that will come after it. While the market will be small for the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS, the small operation that Erik Buell Racing is now would be unable to handle anything in volume anyways. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for unrestrained shots of the EBR 1190RS when it debuts at the Expo.

Erik Buell Racing 1190RS Teaser Photos:

Source: Erik Buell Racing (Facebook)

  • I can only wish there was a documentary crew following Erik for the last few months a la Michael Czysz when he was developing the C1. Discovery HD maybe?

  • buellracerx

    amazing what a small shop in WI can accomplish without the heavy hand of H-D smothering it…

    “but it isn’t chrome…oh yea, & can you make it out of iron???”

    High hopes for Infineon

  • Mark

    @buellracerX, it’s a double edged sword. The heavy hand of HD could have also turn this bike into a $15K production bike that you and I could by, something EBR will never accomplish without a heavy hand behind them.

  • Doctor Jelly

    So they’re sticking with that can, huh? Shame to loose the underslung muffler…

  • Mark

    I believe it still has an underslung muffler. The added muffler on the side increases muffler volume without the additional restriction that would be necessary when trying to muffle the engine within a smaller volume. Larger muffler volume allows higher performance without added noise.

  • Jim

    Impressive effort for Erik and his team. I will be very interested in seeing how they do against the ‘big boys”. It appears there’s still hope for an american sportbike. If only the Ulysses could re-emerge from the ashes. Best of Luck to Erik. Eyes up – Throttle wide open