Erik Buell Racing 1190RR Race Bike Announced – Future World Superbike Contender?

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UPDATE: EBR has officially unveiled the Erik Buell Racing 1190RR

As Erik Buell Racing begins to take shape (the company has now taken over the domain), details about the company are starting to come forth. First up is the news that EBR will offer three race versions of the 1125 platform. The most interesting of these three bikes being the 1190RR, an 1190cc race machine made to take advantage of the latest racing rules for v-twins in the Superbike category at the world level.

With the news of the 1190cc platform, made to “Euro-spec”, the only news we have to wait for now is when a team will take the 1190RR, and try it out at the center-stage of production bike racing. If such an act would occur it may finally finish the debate about where Buell stood as global brand and Superbike contender.

Details about the Euro-spec 1190cc model will be released Dec. 30, but early reports from Erik Buell Racing say the bike will have 185hp at the rear-wheel. No images have been released yet, but since the bike will have to be based off the 1125R to meet homologation rules, we expect to see mainly engine modifications distinguishing the two motorcycles.

EBR’s other offers will include the already announced race-prepped bikes: the 1125RR and 1125R. Details have also emerge that Erik Buell Racing’s shop will sell race and performance parts for the 1125, XB, and XBRR series of motorcycles.

Source: Erik Buell Racing