I’m actually surprised it has taken this long for a national player to enter into the motorcycle rental business, but this week Enterprise Rent-A-Car announced that it was launching its own motorcycle rental business, Motorcycle Rental by Enterprise.

For now, the business is limited to one location in Las Vegas, and Motorcycle Rental by Enterprise offers only a small selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Presumably if the Las Vegas experiment is a success, Enterprise could expand the concept to other locations.

“We chose to pilot motorcycle rental in Las Vegas because we saw an opportunity to serve a large segment of travelers who are interested in renting motorcycles to visit nearby attractions like the Strip, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead,” said Enterprise Rent-A-Car Vice President Steve Short. “We will continue to listen to our customers and announce plans for future growth based on that feedback.”

The only requirement for interested renters is a valid motorcycle license — Motorcycle Rental by Enterprise even provides a helmet during the rental (Nevada requires motorcyclists to wear helmets).

It will be interesting to see what the market response is to this move. Will riders go for the convenience of dealing with a nationally known brand, or continue to rent from local outfits who typically offer tours and other services on top of the motorcycle rental.

Source: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • ruben

    Not a bad idea, but I would have advised Enterprise to take a different approach on this. Harley Davidson already has a pretty comprehensive rental program via their retail dealers which is available nationwide (not surprisingly including a dealer in LV) and is easy to use via their corporate website (i.e. you don’t need to book directly with the dealer). If you want to rent a Harley, it’s already pretty simple. If Enterprise wanted to avoid direct competition and offer something that doesn’t already exist, they should have gotten together with a different brand.

  • Peter D

    I agree. They should look at renting less expensive mid sector motorcycles. Something like the Honda NX700, CTX700 or better yet, the new Yamaha FZ9. That might get me to put some money down. And for a few more $$, maybe some Triumphs or Ducatis. Or maybe since Vegas is surrounded by desert, some new KLRs. I have a hard time getting excited about paying extra for a big, clunky slow motorcycle.

  • I agree completely with Peter. It would also be an excellent way to test-ride a prospective purchase since most Big-4 brand dealers don’t offer demo rides.

  • TexusTim

    maybe some places could rent something other than harley’s…like an aprilla rxv4 factory (aprc) or an r would be fine… then guys like me would rent them then go race them for the day and bring em back like nothing ever crazy happened at all…yo you may laugh at me but back in the day you could rent a car from hertz and take it to the drag strip and beat most race cars like when the rented shelby gt350’s and people did this under the radar……someway this dream must happen for me soon…….lol

  • paulus

    Harley’s are a smart move by enterprise.

    Consider the international visitors to USA. Nothing more ‘merican experience than hiring a hog for your road trip.

    Why would you want to rent out hooligan tools and off-road equipment. You know they would be thrashed, raced and ridden without care. Damages, repairs, accidents, clean up and general administration mess.

    Smart move as a business, not so much fun for us riders :)

  • ruben

    I know HDs will appeal to a lot of people, but Harley Davidson are themselves already doing a good job of covering that rental market in the US. There might be more available market space to offer something else as an alternative; I think there are some viable motorcycle rental options other than sportbikes and off-road models as well.

  • jet

    Dammit,now there’s going to be more spilled oil on the road’s……..lol

  • paulus

    As a ‘non American’ tourist (and not a fan of HD), I would still probably try the Harley (or Indian) experience in the country that it is most suited. Not sure if I would consider renting if a SV650 or GS is the available ride.

    Thinking about it… which motorcycles would a target Enterprise customer be prepared to rent?
    What is the weapon of choice for an incoming rental customer? Suggetions….

  • smiler

    It is not the first time, well not East of the Hudson river. Budget did it for a while. Avis and a couple of the others have premium rentals as well. So you can rent a Porsche Turbo, Ferrari’, M3’s. Not cheap though.
    To be fair they are renting 2 wheel cars not motorcycles.

  • Brian Greene

    Not exactly an innovation except for the national brand recognition. This company has been offering rentals for years, including at a Las Vegas location: http://www.eaglerider.com/?gclid=CNWts5GNwboCFc-Y4AodhRkAZA

  • singletrack

    FZ-9, Triumphs ?? are you insane. Seriously, would any of you buy a bunch of sporty bikes and make them available for any dunderhead to rent? Every 4th bike would be crashed on a weekly basis.

    Maybe if the manufacturers had containers of unsold bikes sitting around, it might be a good way for insurance to end up buying them after being written off.

  • smiler
  • smiler

    On the other side of the pond, that is exactly what you can do.
    Fancy renting a GSXR 1000
    or a Panigale of BMW S1000RR

    not that cheap but superbike for a few hundred bucks.