Funeral Home Embalms Murdered Rider on top of a Motorcycle – Yes You Just Read That

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The headlines don’t get much weirder than what you just read. Shot to death last Thursday, Puerto Rican rider David Morales Colón is having a rather unique memorial of his life. The 22-year-old rider has been embalmed by the Marin Funeral Home in San Juan, which has a reputation for creative embalming presentations. In Colón’s case this means being dressed and put in a riding position on-top of his race replica Repsol Honda. Video after the jump.

Marin Funeral Home has made a name for itself by creating unorthodox wakes for the deceased. In 2008 the funeral home displayed another shooting victim standing straight up during a wake that lasted several days. Colón’s wake is similar in that it puts the victim in a real-life pose that represents an aspect of his life: riding a motorcycle.

Dressed in regular street clothes, Colón is presented on a Honda CBR600F4i that has Repsol race livery. The motorcycle was reportedly a gift from Colón’s uncle, and after Colón’s death the family delivered the bike to the funeral home specifically for this style of remembrance.

The result is initially a little creepy to us, but considering that motorcycling is an integral part of many people’s lives, it seems a fitting way to be remembered, doesn’t it? Rest in peace David.

Source: via AutoBlog