Federal Tax Credits for Electric Motorcycles Set to Expire

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If you are in the market for an electric motorcycle (or any road-legal electric vehicle, for that matter), you have only a few more days to take advantage of the federal tax credit that comes with the purchase of these machines.

For potential electric motorcycle buyers, that means the 10% federal savings (some states offer their own incentives as well) will only be available for purchases made for the remaining four days of 2016.

Once January 1st, 2017 rolls up on the calendar, electric motorcycles will cost their full freight. How this will affect the space though, remains to be seen.

Federal and state incentives certainly helped electric motorcycle OEMs lure in buyers, as the tax breaks lowered the perceived cost of buying an electric motorcycle – at least for buyers who weren’t shopping with their conscience.

What will be interesting to see in 2017 is whether electric motorcycle OEMs adjust their price structures to maintain some sort of competitiveness against petrol-powered bikes, or if we will see them hold fast to their current MSRPs.

Good economists can probably make an argument for either reality.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

Jensen Beeler

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