Co-Founder Edward West Leaves Mission Motors

08/23/2011 @ 2:52 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Asphalt & Rubber has learned that Mission Motors’s co-founder Edward West has left the company. West’s departure is contemporaneous with the San Francisco startup’s recent $9 million Series B funding round, which sees another $41 million in funding on-tap should the company need it. Helping start Mission Motors roughly five years ago, West’s next endeavor isn’t immediately clear, though, he was quick to praise the Mission Motors team, and the collection of highly talented individuals that he had the pleasure of working with throughout the years.

West complimented the extraordinary depth of talent both individually and collectively at the company, and said that “the team could go toe-to-toe with any group of engineers in the electric powertrain space.” And he added to that statement with one the highest compliment you can give to a group comprised almost entirely of engineers,”If they were tasked to do so, they could even build one of greatest achievements in technology: the space shuttle.”

Similarly in its own statement, Mission Motors had only good things to say about one its founding members. “The Mission team would like to thank Edward for his vision, dedication and hard work. The company he co-created has had a positive impact on the world of electric vehicles, and is poised to have an even bigger one in the near future. We are proud to take that forward, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Source: Mission Motors; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography / Mission Motors – All Rights Reserved

  • Wow, sucks for Mission. Sounds like he had lined up a lot of great opportunities for the company in the EV space. Very interested to see where Edward ends up next.

  • Rob

    so no news as to why he left? Seems odd that in the peak (thus far anyway) of electric motorcycle building/designing that he would simply walk away from a company that he help found…

  • Frenchie

    maybe he is still interested in building and selling E-bikes?
    after all that was supposed to be the main activity of Mission when they started

  • Rich Melaun

    From what I’ve read, this is fairly common with startups. He was probably pushed out as a requirement of the investors putting up more capital. When they put up their millions, they want their team running the show.