EBR Motorcycles Shutting Down, Yet Again

01/26/2017 @ 10:05 pm, by Jensen Beeler35 COMMENTS

EBR Motorcycles is closing its doors…again. Yes, you heard that right. America’s superbike brand will be winding down its production operations, starting next week, and is looking for a strategic investor to takeover the brand.

Liquid Asset Partners (LAP) attributes its decision to shutdown EBR Motorcycles to the company’s difficulty to secure new dealerships, and thus increase sales. As a result, LAP says that its production volume for 2016 and 2017 was below expectations.

The company then finishes its explanation for closing EBR Motorcycles with the following line: “the combination of slow sales and industry announcements of other major OEM brands closing or cutting production only magnified the challenges faced by EBR.”

Whether you believe that line of reasoning or not, the result is the same, Erik Buell’s motorcycle brand once again has a dim future.

Of course, this news is not surprising to anyone who has been watching EBR Motorcycles with clear eyes.

There has always been the expectation in the industry that Liquid Asset Partners would unload and/or closedown EBR once it had assembled and cleared out the company’s remaining unsold units. Today seemingly being that point in time.

To its credit, EBR Motorcycles says that it will honor its warranties, while also providing technical and parts support to dealers and riders who bought bikes from the company.

That statement is an interesting one though, as it is unlikely to apply to very many machines that bear the EBR logo. Similarly, if LAP shuts down EBR Motorcycles completely, its liabilities to dealers and customers would be moot.

The question now of course is whether this is the final chapter of the Erik Buell story, or if there will be another company taking up the quill and writing new chapters. Time will tell.

Source: EBR Motorcycles

  • paulus

    Wasn’t LAP the appointed liquidator, only to become the new owner? It seemed like a conflict of interest from the announcement… Let’s hope that the creditors received more than cents on the dollar…

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    The jokes write themselves.

  • They were the liquidator for Buell, but the buyer of EBR. No conflict of interest there.

  • Cru Jones

    EBR is like a broken record at this point…

  • lennard schuurmans

    Let’s hope that’s the last American motorcycle company that has to close it’s door in 2017.
    First Victory, now EBR…! What’s happening in the USA?

  • Cookie Monster

    Maybe its because USA builds motorcycles no one wants to buy, EBR were ugly and strange with premium prices, Victory were expensive and didnĀ“t bring anything new.

  • TB

    I’m waiting for them to start up again in a few months as EB-ADV ;)

  • paulus

    cheers…. duly noted :)

  • JT Klein

    I had a good look at their latest offerings at the New York IMS. The EBR people there were enthusiastic cheerleaders for the brand but something was missing. The bikes simply looked unfinished, with more rough edges than innovations. It’s really too bad. We live in a cruel world.

  • chris

    someone needs to beat their logo, because it’s a dead horse.

  • motobyte

    It’s a shame, but not unexpected. It’s apparent that Erik has great technical ability and very little business savvy. I hope that his next go around, if there is one, will be with someone who can provide better market focus and keep the brand interesting.

  • Innis O’Rourke

    Jensen now is the time to strike- take over the brandand build the ADV bike EBR needs haha!

  • Doug

    Wow, we did not see this coming. I wonder how many knuckleheads actually bought these things recently.

  • Doug

    Priceless Chris. That was funny.

  • Joe D

    Motorcycle ownership in the US is declining. Pajama Boys do not have the cajones. Women prefer horses. (Live ones)

  • Pinoybear

    At some point I would think EB has some pride and just calls it quits instead of seeing a brand with his name continue to fail.

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    But other brands are seeing record sales numbers.

  • Paul M. Fenn

    This is merely a flesh wound.

  • Oh man, that got a solid laugh out loud.

  • I have better business sense than to touch EBR with a 10′ pole.

  • Yeah, that’s what killed EBR…

  • sburns2421

    I think Buell himself still has a lot to offer the motorcycling world. I do wonder though if he has the temperament to actually work for someone else, it may be difficult when you had your own company and your name on the tank to get paychecks from another manufacturer.

  • Jason

    Polaris shut down one brand and started another. They simply shifted their motorcycle efforts from Victory to Indian.

    EBR never had a chance. The writing was on the wall when the only company that bid on the assets was a liquidation company.

  • MikeD
  • MikeD
  • MikeD
  • GregS

    Agree with the others, that one made me chuckle

  • Nerve

    Where’s the video of eric crying ?

  • Zeek Seseika

    I’m not gonna beat a dead horse either…But,when is Erik gonna wake-up and smell the coffee…and go to work for Polaris…

  • Jason

    Not so fast! There is a buyer in active negotiations with LAP right now.

  • Roland J Cannon

    Buell always felt like tons of energy, focused in the wrong direction. I imagine one could start 10-15 dealerships if they had the money from their front brake r and d program. I love innovation, but when it ends up accomplishing nothing…well, that is Buells trademark, isn’t it?

  • proudAmerican702

    +1. I summed-up Erik Buell the same way a few months ago: Currently the most enthusiastic businessman manufacturing VHS players. Passion won’t bring customers to the wrong product.

  • Nick

    OMG really? Just die already!

  • Benji

    100% agree. Polaris wants to do interesting things with “American” motorcycles and hiring Erik Buell would be a great move IMO.

    They tried to do the muscle bike thing with Victory, and an Indian branded naked bike that echos the FTR750 race bike would be a hot seller with all the retro stuff on the market. Erik could bring a lot of good to more performance oriented products for Polaris.

    Having said that, It seems his is a pretty strong willed kind of guy. H-D initially had him on to make performance products for them, and the FXR was really the only thing that worked out and then they bitched at each other for 10 years until Erik got sacked…

  • J Boy

    The EBR legacy will live on through the 2017 Hero HX 250R. That bike has the craziest “under-the-seat exhaust” Erik Buell design. I wonder if Harley’s announcement of 50 new models over the next 5 years will bring back the Buell line? (In name badge).