Ducati Will Run Six Bikes in MotoGP Next Year

07/29/2010 @ 5:58 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

Karel Abraham has just confirmed that he will be riding a Ducati Desmosedici GP11 in next year’s MotoGP Championship series. Who is Abraham you may be asking? Well he’s the son of Karel Abraham of course. Yeah…we didn’t think that would explain things very well either. Let’s put it this way, Abraham Sr. is the owner of the GP track at Brno, and Abraham Jr. is his son that has never won a race, let alone a podium, at any GP level race.

Swelling Ducati’s numbers on the MotoGP grid, Karel Abraham (Jr.) will be the sixth Ducati on the grid, which includes the two factory Ducatis of Marlboro Ducati, the two semi-factory Ducatis of Pramac Ducati, and the satellite Ducati of Team Aspar. That’s a lot of Desmos.

Currently rolling around the Moto2 series in 14th, the 20-year-old Abraham Jr. will continue to under the Cardion AB Motoracing banner in MotoGP. The deal seemingly has come together as Dorna looks for more bikes to fill the 2011 ranks, and to expand it’s appeal to international markets, which seemingly means where there’s a GP there should be a native rider as well. The word on the street is the Abraham Sr. is financing most of the MotoGP team for Jr., who will certainly get a trial by fire in the big show.

We can expect a formal announcement at the Czech GP in two weeks time. In other news, our Dad bought us a pony.

Source & Photo: Karel Abraham’s Blog

  • Ed Gray

    Do they still have the 107% cut off time?

  • Peter

    Oh god. This could be really bad. Not only for the young man, but for others on the track with him.

    Who says money doesn’t buy happiness? I would do a lot of things to be able to ride a Desmo.

  • I’m sure the Czech fans will go wild watching their native son getting lapped.

  • eze1976

    MotoGP needs more racers not backmarkers, and it sounds like this one is going to just get left for dead, no way he finishes season, maybe 4 races

  • motojp46

    87 races, 29 DNFs, no wins, no podiums, no poles, and no fastest laps. Crashed out of his home race (Dads track) 4 out of five times. He aint ready. Getting in way over his head. My concern is rider safety.

  • e6

    Is desmo desperate for money? WTF! I have a brilliant idea, lets get a kid who spend more time on the asphalt then on the bike. FIM needs to step in, not only for his safety and of other but for the sport.

  • buellracerx

    I wonder how many truly great racers there are out there that just never get the $ opportunity to try…tragic

    this is like cheating to win…how can he enjoy running when he knows it’s just b/c daddy bought his way in??

  • Allan Engel

    Via another site I am to understand that in testing the GP11 at Mugello earlier this year Karel equaled Hayden’s times and was half a second quicker then the other satellite Ducati riders. Don’t be too quick to judge.

  • If I told you I lapped quicker than Nicky Hayden at a private test, would you believe me?

  • joe

    Only if the lap included an essay portion.

  • patron

    Was there anyone from Ducati to verify his times? Did they just give him a bike and say, “let us know how it goes”?

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  • Dave

    @Joe… HA! cracked me up

    To be 14th in Moto2 you can’t be too much of a slouch.
    But to move to MotoGP with that record…like Eastwood said…”deserve’s got nothin to do with it.” I guess that is true to some degree in racing also.

  • Bjorn

    Is Abraham senior looking to adopt? If so, please pass on my details.

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  • Dmoney

    Money talks BS walks, you can buy a ride in most racing series, including F1. Also testing is testing, the riders are not usually going for lap times, they are busy doing other things like setting up the bike. I would like to see his fastest laps and compare them to the other satellite riders fastest laps.

  • loki

    Yes, I am “Ducatist”. I have owned a few Ducatis now, and I am just proud that such a small manufacturer will have so many bikes on the grid of the sport that is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. Well done Bologna!

  • Like Ducati is going to say no? He owns one of the freakin tracks on the MotoGp circuit for God sake! Just take the money and smile as you continue to sell him millions in tech support and crash replacement parts! : )