Ducati Reaches New Workforce Agreement with Factory Unions – Reduced Hours, Higher Wages

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Ducati Motor Holding has reached a new agreement with its workforce, particularly those workers who are responsible for building the Italian company’s iconic two-wheeled machines.

The agreement with the unions sees 13 new jobs created in the Italian factory, which will now stay open on seven days a week — a big move for a country that is usually resistant to working on Sunday.

The factory workers will also go from 15 to 21 shifts per week, with a format of three days on, and two days off. In exchange, factory employees will work fewer hours per week on average, though will make higher average wages for their time.

This should translate into factory employees working roughly 30 hours per week, but making roughly what 40 hours of work would have paid before the new agreeement.

The deal also sees Ducati investing  €11.5 million over the next five years into Borgo Panigale, with a specific eye on camshaft and crankshaft production.

The deal is said to benefit the Bologna region as a whole, and helps consolidate Ducati’s sourcing of parts to the industrial area around Bologna. The workforce is said to have voted overwhelmingly for the new agreement, with 71% of the workers in favor of the deal.

“This agreement sets the stage for a major increase in productivity which will make more profitable investments and open the way for new jobs. I have to thank the workers and trade unions for their collaboration on this agreement that acknowledges the need for change, in response to the continuous tightening of the competitive scenario among nations,” said Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati.

Source: Ducati