Ducati Superquadro Motor in Photos

10/14/2011 @ 9:09 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

I’ll admit, I’m pandering to the crowd on this one. When we brought you the first images and details of the Ducati Superquadro motor, a recurring theme in the comments was how the motor bordered on art. While I’ll agree that a finely-built motorcycle has an aesthetic worthy of the MoMA (I fully expect the 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale to be jaw-dropping beautiful), a motorcycle engine might be a tall order.

Content to let that one go and move on, Ducati ruined the whole thing by posting a bunch of artsy fartsy images of the 90°, overly-square, 195hp v-twin motor. Now, even I’m not bull-headed enough to avoid putting two and two together, so here you go you Ducatisti Asphalt & Rubber readers, more images of the Ducati Superquadro engine for you to drool over. Enjoy.

Source: Ducati

  • I like this bike, I hope i can tes ride this bike In Indonesia
    Because Ducati has opened their showroom in my city :D

  • R.Jinks

    Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, Vincent, Norton, old radial aircraft engines… it seems to be a bit of a lost art now that everything is CAD based, but the simple elegance and beauty of those old lumps is art enough for me.

  • now the question is, will it be reliable? intervals of valve jobs?

  • AK

    it will be as reliable as other new duc’s, 15k Miles are new service interval.

  • gebeme

    At the risk of revealing how little I know about Ducatis/Engines/Anything; in the 5th picture, what is that crazy 4 lobes inside of 5 lobes gear thingy?

  • Shaitan

    That’s why I love naked bikes… the engine’s pretty on many bikes in all categories.

  • sculptor666


    that’s the flux capacitor

  • 9fingers

    @gebeme, that’s the oil pump + the new vacum pump

  • Stephano

    What??? Mikuni parts???? I can’t believe they are now using Japanese parts in the main engine.. What’s up with that?

  • buellracerx

    beautiful engineering. elegant in its complexity

  • Shereef

    Call me a hater if you must; however, other than the frame, I fail to see the innovative side of this bike. I had ride-by-wire and a slipper clutch on my 2007 R6 (Yamaha introduced this to the street in 2006). The RSV4 already had the fancy engine bits in 2009 and 2010 on a V4 engine. Ducati is too stubborn in my opinion. Single-sided-swingarm, v-twin, and lower rpms compared to other brands do not really scream cutting edge to me. This is just my opinion.

  • MikeD

    I’ll be adding these to my “ULTIMATE BIKE PORN PRIVATE COLLECTION” on my Hard Drive. Thank you.

  • Minibull

    @Shereef: Lower rpms? Compared to what, an RC8R? Or do you mean a 1000cc IL4? Getting two 600cc pistons to rev as high as they do is pretty damn awesome imo…
    If it turns out with LED headlights, thats pretty innovative, so is the startup decompressor, saving a huge amount of weight there. The constant crankcase vacuum sounds interesting too. As well as making an extremley powerful V-twin…

  • JB


    Did your R6 (or even an R1) make 195hp? Does the RSV4? You don’t exactly need to be cutting edge, so long as everything works together beautifully. When it comes to the Superbike, you cannot deny Ducati’s lineage and success. The proof is in World SBK. A 4 year old bike (1098R) just spanked everyone….with a 40 year old Carlos Checa at the controls….

  • Pure art. Thanks guys.

  • Cpt.Slow


    You are not a hater, you just reviled how much of a noob-sauce you are to the two wheeled world.


    Its valve CHECKS, the adjustment only happens if deemed necessary.

  • chris

    auto decompression has been around for a long time… so have “frameless” motorcycles… and the rest of the tid-bits. ducati may have done a good job seamlessly integrating existing tech into a fanastic package, but innovate? compared to themselves, maybe. too soon to tell.

  • Walker

    the same as ferrari, they are selling the idea that this is the best thing in the world and uncomparable to anything ever made, whith all fancy and diferent technology that is just ”better”, but theres always a pagani or a porsche beating them anytime and whith the mouth shut, i hardly belieave thta this bike is gonna be the half as good as they pretend to make us think… it will be as fast as any yamaha or kawa, but not more, they just dedicate to show off, thats their marketing

    (Sorry english is my second language)