Ducati Streetfighter 848 Mega Gallery

04/04/2012 @ 12:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS

Since we are out in the Palm Desert testing the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848 today, we figured we might as well post a bevy of photos of the tiny Fighter. Coming with Ducati’s traction control system (DTC), and an 848cc/132hp version of the Testastretta 11° engine, the Streetfighter 848 promises to be more than just a smaller version of the original specimen. Other changes include a refined chassis as well as the infamous Ducati wet clutch, which some say is better than the company’s iconic dry-clutch design (gasp!). While we put the Ducati Streetfighter 848 through its paces today, and see if all these rumors are true, enjoy the 40+ photos we have for you after the jump.

Photos: Ducati

  • Max

    Man, they’re really pushing the yellow version aren’t they… It feels like it’s more because it’s novel than the fact that people actually want it.

    I’m all about the Matte Black version. I’d say the Classic Red would be a close second.

    Am I crazy here or do you guys like the Yellow as much as Ducati seems to think?

  • luke

    pic 5 shows a guy popping a nice lil wheelie on a black bike with the red trellis frame. Now that is the colour combo that makes me juicy – however I don’t see that combo anywhere else – swapped the panels maybe?

    I agree with Max, the yellow is meh, black, then red then a different bike :)

  • Max

    Hey @Luke, I think that’s the Streetfighter S version that comes in a Titanium Gray with red frame… Aaaamazing color scheme as well, right?

    I think you have me convinced to pick up a Black SF848… only question is, does that beat my Red Monster 1100. Definitely on horsepower, but not on l0w-end torque… so I’m torn!

  • MikeD

    I still don’t like it, not her, not her bigger sister…maybe if i rode one i would change my opinion……..but based on looks, nouuh, still can’t swallow these ones.
    But what do i know about looks and style, this is the same guy that thinks the SuperTen and Versys 1000 look OK and would ride either one on public with no bag covering his face…LOL.

  • irksome

    Nice pix, butt-ugly bike.

    I must be old; too many bikes look like Transformer toys. Anyone else miss rounded edges?

  • ML

    @irksome: Nope!

    Love how modern bikes look more aggressive, meaner, and edgier.

  • MikeD


    I don’t really miss “round edges”(TL-S,TL-R,CBR900RR,RC51,Early Aprilia RSV 1000)as much as i have learned & come to apreciate it now a days with all these ANOREXIC body shapes and styles.

    Personally, i like the Origami/slate sides/stealth figther look of theeee….KTM RC8R or BMW K1300GT ? (i think these fit into the transformers gender too ?)
    Generally…….i usually like them all xcept for 1 or 2 really WEIRD ones…comes to mind quick the Duc Street Fighter and Triumph Tiger 1050…and then if given to me i still would ride them.

  • MikeD

    OH…and each and every other Cafe Racer, Factory or Custom…I HATE THOSE with A PASSION.
    Xcept the Benelli one. That pretty Transform-ish looking…im cool with it.


  • MikeD, if it makes you feel any better, I hated the Streetfighter when I first saw its photos. Seeing it in person though changed that perception. Now there’s one on permanent display in my garage. Go fig.

  • 76

    Hands down the best looking contemp. naked out. The mechanical eye candy on it is impressive, and not a small or anorexic bike by any means when it comes to nakeds.

  • Like the SF 1098, an amazing looking machine!! I own a SF1098, and it won’t leave this garage without me on it, period. I think the new yellow color scheme is unique looking on this bike, as well. Matte black, c’mon, does everything have to look matte black these days. So tiring!

    I have not ridden the SF848, but have thrown a leg over it. Significantly different seat/handlebar/peg positioning than the SF1098. Not as comfortable. I swapped back and forth between SF848 and SF1098 models at the NY Show and felt uncomfortable on the SF848. Perhaps it’s ’cause I swapped out the factory handlebars for Rizoma handlebars.

    Bottom line… if you’re considering a SF848, compare it to a SF1098 to see if you agree.

  • Damo


    Same thing here. I never bought into the look of the SF, until I went to a local dealer and swung a leg over (no test rides unfortunately!) and I really liked the look and set up.


    I am with you on the RC8R. Bike is such a departure from the norm, yet comes across awesome in person. Plus the ergos are great for a superbike.

  • JoeD

    MikeD, thanks for the thumbs up on the Benelli. I am 54 and grew up with Standard Style bikes. My first effort to customize was a 400 triple two stroke-clubman bars, rearsets, port and polish with a stock(crap) frame. The Cafe Racer type screamed performance. Over the years, bikes got bigger and better. Factories have always tried to capitalize on racing success and our “Modern” sportbikes are the proof. I see the Streetfighter as the old CR theme in modern clothes. Stripped down, raw and edgy. Some, like the new Honda, miss the mark. Others, like the Benelli, hits squarly between the eyes. I have the Guzzi Sport 1100 with the rounded shapes and the Benelli Cafe Racer with it’s angular style. Both are georgeous in different ways. The new Ducati looks a bit high in the arse to me but still desireable. I’ll have one in black, please. It would fit nicely next to the Commando.

  • killcity

    I just cant get into that headlight…i think the italians are spending too much time in japan.

  • DareN

    It is the most amazing bike I have ever ridden (SF 1098). Feels little strange seeing nothing over the handlebars,just an empty space. Hey,guys – can you post some new photos – thes have been on Ducati site for the last 6 months…

  • Adam

    I love that Ducati makes the matte black bikes, I bought a 749 dark because I loved the look. I still have the bike and love it still. I am happy Ducati for now is keeping the trellis frame on these models, well all of them other then the 1199. but blacking out the beautiful frame is a shame it should be a showcase on the bike and displayed not hidden in the endless black.

  • Neil

    I will take one in “Yellow” and put it next to my “Yellow” 748S

  • Shawn

    I think the yellow is super hot, but that headlight is ridiculously ugly. I’d consider one though, especially if there was a high quality way to swap out the headlight for a round one. I hate the bug eye look of the newer triumphs too, and loved the dual roundies.

  • DareN

    Round headlight does not make sense with the design – sharp, angular body has to have light like this.

  • jamesy

    DID YOU SAY WET CLUTCH?? I’m getting warmer, uh oh, that’s usually expensive.
    Thanks for the GREAT pics. I’ve loved pearl yellow ever since the V-Max of ’94 was it?
    But then each of those fab pix was flawed by the shield of the “Heartbreak of America”, I almost expected it to leak oil like their stupid cars do… quick get the driveway cleaner!!!

  • jamesy

    Ready for some sacrilege?? I’d do the frame in nickel, polish out the wheel lips, do the spokes in yellow and get a nice cibie round light for it.. sort of techno- meets- retro-chic.
    Whew, good thing I cant hear you kids hollerin ;-)

  • MikeD


    Big deal, that’s just making it look “right” if anything a bit different in “some” areas. LOL.
    I’m down with your sugestion.

  • MikeD


    I guess it comes down to each individual and his/her priorities….BUT….what wrong with a WET clutch ? Ducati Sacrilege ? LMAO.

    I haven’t had any personal xperience with a DRY Setups…only hear gossip about it, like :

    They burnt rather easy if u beat on it unlike a wet set up.
    Last shorter (Finicky ?)
    Rattle (i have seen it working, noisy fuc%*$#) , Down to personal preferences.
    Smooth like an ON/OFF Switch ?

    Something POSITIVE that does come to mind is not having all that clutch material floating on my oil ALL THE TIME eating slowly but surely at my engine’s internals…the filter can only do so much.
    Able to use really slick oil with super fancy friction reduction additives ? (No more worries about if the clutch will slip) = more engine protection = longer engine life ?

    Sorry for the hijack, guys.

  • jamesy

    I guess I wasnt that clear on the clutch issue. Wet = good imho. I DO have dry clutch experience, they heat up and start to grab and change adjustment. Noisy! Wear fast! Suck!