Ducati Streetfighter Panigale Concept

07/09/2012 @ 10:29 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

It remains to be seen how the high-reving Superquadro motor will fit into Ducati’s “one-motor-fits-all” strategy, but the speculation is already becoming rife about a supersport version of the Ducati 1199 Panigale, and of course a streetfighter version as well.

With the Panigale’s engine being an integral part of the superbike’s design, there is a definite challenge for Ducati’s design team in making the Emperor of the Sport Bike Kingdom look good naked. Until we see what Borgo Panigale can conjure up, we are lucky to have weekend couch jockey’s on the Ducati.ms forum who happen to have incredible photoshoping skills.

While the work here looks great, it highlights the challenge that Ducati will have in making a true streetfighter out of the Panigale. A busier engine layout than the Testastretta, the Superquadro engine is very dense in its packaging, which will likely necessitate some reworking of the components to make some cleaner lines visually, now that the fairings can’t hide what is underneath.

With Ducati not expected to debut a Panigale-powered Streetfighter this coming model year, it wouldn’t surprise us to see a SF1198 at EICMA later this year instead. Like what you see here? Check out the other variations by Ducati.ms members on the forum.

Source: Ducati.ms

  • paulus

    I like it. Nice work!

    Clip on Bars are still a bit too “race” to be a naked/street fighter.For sure, the exhaust is a nicer concept than the existing street fighter.

  • John

    “A busier engine layout than the Testastretta, the Superquadro engine is very dense in its packaging, which will likely necessitate some reworking of the components to make some cleaner lines visually, now that the fairings can’t hide what is underneath.”

    Understatement of the century. I know this is just a concept, but it looks busier than a Tokyo train station.

  • motogpdr

    ugly just got uglier….

  • Will I have to ride it in the rain? joking!!!

  • GC

    Please, please dont do the droopy headlight thing again….

  • MikeD

    All in all……………pretty LAME attempt. Needs a standard handle bar, lower pegs, dual round headlites…(HEY ! I like those and i won’t apologize for it, lol) and last but not least…ditch the tacky side fairings.

    I think “this” STOLED the ugly crown of the new Tuono’s head for ” ugliest modern times Naked Motorcycle “.

    Busy engine section ? Im ok with FUNCTIONAL bits and industrial looks, busy looking or not. If it works for me it has a right & place to stay on the bike. The under-slung xhaust has “grown” on me.

    Curse u BMW for not bringing the K1300R State side…or even mentioning the crazy thought of a “future” K1600R.

  • MikeD

    P.S: Even tho i think it’s too soon for it to be realistic (but we never know until the years end…and then some)……i would be one happy camper if Ducati popped out a “baby” 1199. Crossed fingers and waiting.

  • john

    nice ready to go dirt biking enough clearance to do,but that has to happen to fit all that stuff under it.Just saying looks like u sit high on the bike

  • Alasdair

    Looks terrible compared to the current Streetfighter (which is in my opinion the best looking bike on sale at the moment). That said, having seen the Panigale in the flesh it wasn’t coming off a great base (I really dislike the look of the Panigale, it looks like a housefly). I appreciate this is just an imagining of what a machine would look like, but if the production bike looks anything like this I could not consider a Ducati for a future bike

  • sideswipe

    Nice photoshop job. Looks better than I would figure considering the Panigale under the skins looks like a bunch parts held together with a powerful electromagnet in the center of the pile. Don’t know if this would work in real life. The Panigale is an amazing step in production engineering. I think though that it may have stepped over the threshold where it’s aesthetically a viable machine without it’s panels. Production cars crossed that point long ago. It’s been decades since you could pull panels off of a car and leave an attractive stripped down hot rod.

  • smiler

    Apparently Ducati are keeping steel trellis for the rest of the range that currently use it. As per the 848 multistrada spied.