Ducati Q1 2021 Worldwide Sales Up 33% Compared to Last Year

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At the end of this week, Audi will release its official Q1 report for investors, which means that on Friday, we will get to see a fairly detailed view of how Ducati Motor Holding has fared in 2021 thus far.

Why wait until the end of the week though? A&R has an advanced look at those numbers now, with the Bologna brand touting a 33% increase in worldwide sales, compared to Q1 2020.

That achievement is perhaps a fairly easy one, especially when one considers how dismal 2020 was in terms of sales figures, and we expect to see many brands touting their positive results for the year thus far.

Perhaps the fairer assessment is how the 2021 numbers compare against those pre-pandemic, and in that vein, Ducati has positive results there as well.

As such, Ducati Motor Holding boasts a 2% sales gain in Q1 2021 over the same time period in 2019, which was part of a larger sales boom for the Italian brand.

Can the Italians keep that momentum through the year? That remains to be seen, and perhaps it is out of the company’s hands. Global supply chains continue to be stretched, with key parts being unavailable for a variety of industries and businesses.

So far though, Ducati is off to a good start, and in our talkings with US dealerships, business is good…if not booming.

“The performance in the first months of 2021 is certainly very positive,” said Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali. “Motorcycles delivered to customers in the first quarter of the year grew not only compared to 2020, already impacted by COVID, but also compared to 2019.”

“Even more remarkable is the size of the order portfolio (motorcycles to be delivered) at the end of the quarter, which is the best-ever, with an extraordinary 93% growth compared to 2020 and +135% compared to 2019.”

“Enthusiasts are appreciating the 2021 range and the family of Ducatisti is expanding. The global market situation is positive in the world of two wheels, while the supply and transport sectors are much more complex, with delivery delays and a shortage of various raw materials.”

“This makes it difficult to satisfy all the demand from our passionate customers, but at Ducati we are strongly motivated to do everything we can to reduce the inconvenience caused by this situation. I want to thank all the women and men who, in Borgo Panigale and in our subsidiaries around the world, are working with great commitment in this period of high seasonality.”

Ducati reports that Italy is still its main market for the brand, with 2,354 motorcycles delivered. The boot-shaped peninsula is followed by the USA with 1,723 units sold, and Germany with 1,275 units out the door.

Source: Ducati