Ducatisti: do you want the good news or the bad news first? The bad news is that the market for motorcycles 500cc and up is down 17% worldwide for the first quarter of this year, which means the “good” news is that Ducati is only down 5% for Q1 2013.

Not exactly the start out of the gate that Audi was hoping for its newly acquired two-wheeled brand, but what are you going to do? Western Europe is a mess, with Spain and Italy continuing to go down like a…well, you know.

Even the American market is on a slight decline for the first quarter, after showing signs of hitting rock bottom earlier last year. Accordingly Ducati sold 1,605 units in the USA — it’s the largest market by volume.

So why are we a bit giddy here at Asphalt & Rubber? Well while we don’t enjoy the misery of motorcycle brands, the fact that Ducati Motor Holding is now under the Audi AG umbrella means that we get far more detailed quarterly and yearly reports from the two-wheeled marque.

Want to know which Ducati model is out-selling them all? How about how many of each model were produced versus how many were sold? We’ve got the digits after the jump.

Bikes Q1 2013 Production Q1 2013 Delivered Diff. % Diff.
Diavel 1827 1309 518 28%
Hypermotard 1597 567 1030 64%
Monster 3874 3042 832 21%
Multistrada 2590 1890 700 27%
Streetfighter 1011 906 105 10%
Superbike 1921 2088 -167 -9%
“Others” 0 15 -15
Total 12820 9817 3003

For Q1 2013, Ducati built 12,820 units, and sold 9,817 of them. Compared to the 10,360 units that were sold in Q1 2012, this puts Ducati down 5.2% for the first-quarter of 2013, and holding roughly 3,000 units in inventory for the big sales push for the spring (assuming the company has no back-orders or inventory already, which is anyone’s guess).

Looking at the model breakouts, it is clear that the Ducati Monster is the brand’s bread and butter, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed Ducati, as the Monster has always been a strong seller with its “affordable” pricing.

More interesting is the Ducati Hypermotard sales, or lack there of. Clearly hitting a slump ahead of the 2013 Ducati Hypermotard’s dealership debut, only 500 or so motorcyclists picked up a 2012 model worldwide. We imagine the massive sales vs. production gap is related to sales figures being for the 2012 model, while the production figures are for the new 2013 liquid-cooled model (mega-gallery here).

Sales in the Superbike range appears to be steady with what we’ve heard from our sources, and it is interesting to note the volume being sold in the Multistrada and Diavel model lines.

Ducati really has become a brand defined on the sales floor by four models, and it will be interesting to see if the company can whip the Hypermotard and Streetfighter lines into shape, though when lumped together (as we imagine Ducati views them) the two liquid-cooled street-nakeds build Ducati’s fifth pillar of sales quite nicely.

No word on profits and losses for Ducati Motor Holding, though it might take zie Germans a bit of time to go through all that Italian bookkeeping.

Source: Audi AG

  • Damo

    I can see why no one would buy a 2012 Hypermotard with the all around superior model right around the corner with superior everything.

    The change over to a single model Streetfighter might add some confusion as well.

    I am still steadily watching the new Hyper and ready every review as a potential new bike.

    I wish they would jam that liquid cooled 821cc into a monster with no rider aides and sell it at a competitive price. THAT would be beyond awesome.

  • I’d say you could read our review Damo, but umm…yeah.

  • El Fuque

    Maybe buyers are waiting for a potential Panigale’d 848 and/or streetfighter replacement?

  • Tyler

    Why do you need a 821cc monster when there is an 848 street fighter :) – and as for me, I love the 1100cc air cooled monster , I had one and it is some of the best fun on a road bike I’ve ever had. It much outperforms the hyper in my opinion for aggressive sport riding.. Or allows you to ride it more like a sportbike.

    However the good question is a new middle weight… That handles well, unlike the 848 at the track which always need geometry changes for race setup..

  • John O

    While I’m guessing there’s a downsized Panigale in the future, if the past is any indication Ducati will keep going with the 848 motor for at least another few years or so.

    Ducati loves to re-use, re-use, re-use as much as they can of old designs before switching over to something new.

    They learned a valuable lesson with the Monster (practically built from the unused parts bin) and I see them sticking with that game plan for some time to come (848 H-Motard anyone?)

  • GStar

    @Damo Your wish will come true, the new Monster will have the same motor that the Hypermotard/Hyperstrada have in it. Also, the 848 is going bye bye after the summer. Being that fall is the start of the new bike season then guess a new middleweight is just around the corner.

    @Tyler The reasons for a 800cc motor Monster even with an 848 Streetfighter is pretty obvious. The Monster’s engines are not as aggressive as the Streetfighters making them easier to ride, and the Monster is not as aggressively positioned nor as tall as the Streetfighter making it more appealing to people who want more of a standard or who are not tall enough to hop on a streetfighter.

    @John O The new Hyper’s 821cc is very formidable. The new configuration is working out quite well so even with the cc loss, the bike is extremely fun and powerful enough to ride.

  • Damo


    Oh, you know I read all the A&R reviews. You folks are one of the few sites that has never steered me wrong (although I wish you would do more gear reviews!)

    I have owned my RC51 out right for some time now and I will never sell it. I want a second bike I can throw the wife on the back of and do some 4 hours trips, but is a blast around town once I rip the bags off.


    Try and ride a pillion on a Streetfighter. My wife is 5’11” and I am 6’1″, hard to find a fun bike we can ride two-up on and I just don’t fancy most large sport tourers.

    I should just bite the bullet and buy a damn Multistrada…

  • yung

    @Jensen what are the “other” models?

  • akatsuki

    They could, you know, actually make the Streetfighter a better street bike rather than leaving it to the Monster and Hyper… that might actually help a bit.

    @Damo just buy the MTS – it is the most brilliant bike out there right now.

  • Bring back the 1/2 fairing Supersport- CR. Air cooled. and Retro. Down payment is ready.

  • yung

    @Damo if you go ride a Multi, you will buy it. Amazing machine

  • Daniel Croft

    I have a 2012 MTS 1200 S Touring and have owned an M1100 Evo.

    The MTS is a really, really good bike, pretty much the only omission that I notice is cruise control (fly by wire throttle, factory bags, comfortable bike… wtf Ducati?).

  • InTheKnow

    Not to worry….DNA was pretty much flat YOY through March, and post April they’re positive. No new 1199 this 2013 Q1 + everyone awaiting the new Hyper’s arrival in late April.

    Oh, and don’t expect the 848’s replacement to have the same engine/CCs.

  • BikePilot

    @ Yung, I rode a Multi thinking I’d def buy one after a test ride. The test ride convinced me otherwise. It’s highly functional, but was very smooth and bland–rather un-ducati. Also there’s a weird ridge in the bodywork right where there should be a cut-out for my knee. Knees were hurting after 30 minutes.

    If they’d do a hotted up, stripped down Multi with better ergonomics I’d be down for sure. Love the concept and functionality.

  • Westward

    Im essentially waiting for an 848 Panigale or the return of the sport classic maybe a 796 or 848…

  • GStar

    @ Westward We have a very strong belief that the mini Panigale will be out at the end of this year in time for the new model year(August). And I’m with you hoping that they bring back the sport classic line. With a new Triumph Thruxton due out next year and the return of the Norton Commando line, lets pray it forces their hand to bring it back!

  • The bike missing in the current line up is the new SuperSport Travis doesn’t know he wants yet.. The new HyperStrada engine and frame gives Ducati a cost effective basis to make a torquey modern replacement for the much loved SuperSport for the first time in many years. The 821 cc engine has been designed to mimic the style of performance delivered by the air cooled engines.

    Expect Ducati to unveil new water cooled engine Monster with a version of the 821 cc engine AND a new SuperSport based on the same engine (with possibly slightly larger diameter pistons to provide 900cc for marketing reasons) at EICMA in Milan this year. The SuperSport will be unveiled to gauge buyer reaction before making a production commitment.

    Ducati can keep the development of this bike secret until close to the unveiling as it shares SO MUCH of the new Hyperstrada platform…and for the same reason they can get it into production on the same production line very very quickly if they need to. They can also display this bike as a Milan University design exercise as MV Agusta did with an F3 variation in 2011 at the same show. This way they walk away from it with no embarrassment if they decide not to proceed.

    Ducati knows that a real world 110-120 hp, low revving, low maintenance sports bike that you can chuc a girlfriend ( or boy friend) occasionally, has a ready audience with all the old devoted SuperSport owners and all the customers who see a high revving 160hp sports bike as irrelevant.

    The obvious sense of this bike is kind of illustrated by why Ducati has both a distinct Streetfighter and Monster customer base….and a lot more people buy Monsters rather than Streetfighters. And a lot more people will buy the new SuperSport than a Panigale…..Audi ain’t stupid!

    Don’t get me wrong as a flagship product the Panigale is the most important product in Ducati’s range and it has proven no slouch on the sales room floor…but they will sell a lot more SuperSorts at $14,500 than Panigales.

    I am expecting a phone call from Audi to confirm my appointment to this projects marketing team….sitting by the phone waiting now……(it’s not ringing)….Audi have you lost my number?

    What does everyone else say, will my phone ring?

  • 2ndclass

    Your phone will ring to the sound of deafening silence. That all sounds lovely, but at the end of the day how many people would actually put their money where their mouth is? Too many companies have been burned (in both the 2 and 4-wheeled sectors) by enthusiasts screaming that if you make it we’ll buy it, only to have them languish in showrooms, unloved and unsold.

  • jackie

    Plastic on plastic, with more finicky little plastic covers all over the place…nuts & bolts made so cheaply you dare not touch them more than once…fenders shaved down as thin as they dare make it to save every last penny they can…motors so encased in crap it takes 20 min just to strip everything off before you even touch the engine itself, on a “naked” bike no less.

    That sums up my Ducati Monster Evo.

    I want to love it like my old 900ss, but the new bikes are just shite.

    They go great, they sound proper, and sure look lovely, but I’ve bought my last new Duc.

  • RGR

    Re: Bikepilot…

    It’s funny to me how the only people that put down the Multistrada are those that don’t own them. I’m sorry but a demo ride will NEVER tell you what the MTS is all about, or what it can do. Un-Ducati-like, really? It has a freakin’ 1198 engine between its legs. The bike will keep up with any sportbike in the canyons. Top speed might not be up there with a superbike but the handling is simply amazing.

    Yes I own one. Yes I think it’s an amazing bike. Am I a Ducatisti? No, I’m not really a big Ducati guy. But I can’t name another bike that can do all the things the MTS can do, as well as it can do them. There’s a reason it’s Ducati’s 2nd highest-production bike…and it’s not a cheap motorcycle.

  • Sean

    For me, a street bike means ABS and TC. I really like the air-cooled-naked look, and the two-valve sound, but I’m not that taken with the Monsters. A revived 900SS with half-fairing, or Sport Classic, with rider aids would be cool.

  • Norm G.

    Q: “but at the end of the day how many people would actually put their money where their mouth is?”

    A: few. in the UJM world, less than zero.