Ducati Production Delayed Due to Earthquake Devastation

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With the Emilia region continuing to feel aftershocks from the earthquakes that devastated the region, Ducati Motor Holdings has published a letter from CEO Gabriele Del Torchio explaining that while Ducati’s facility was unaffected by the tremors, its suppliers have seen their factories shutdown or slowed because of the natural disasters.

As such, deliveries from the Borgo Panigale factory have been delayed, meaning if you put money down on a 2012 Ducati motorcycle, you might have to wait a bit longer than originally expected. Ducati has not at this point in time released details on how long that delay could be for Ducatisti purchasers. Full letter after the jump.

Dear Ducatisti friends,

Sadly, the devastating and tragic effects of the earthquake, which recently hit the Po Valley north of Bologna, are well known to everyone for the heavy toll they took in terms of material damage and human lives.

Not only residential and historic buildings, but also the local industrial system has been affected right at the heart of ‘Motor Valley’, from which Ducati sources the valuable, high-tech and unique components required to manufacture its motorcycles.

Worryingly, every day – even right now as I write – new tremors are registered, albeit luckily not as strong. In Borgo Panigale, the higher magnitude tremors were clearly felt, fortunately without any damage to persons or property. We are still, however, on high alert.

Some of our colleagues who live in the worst — affected areas had their houses severely damaged or completely destroyed. Our hearts go out to them, and supportive action has been immediately initiated in various ways and from many sources, including a fund raising initiative spontaneously organised by Ducati Clubs everywhere in the world — for which I am especially proud and thankful.

The individuals, institutions and enterprises of the Emilia region are reacting with great courage and determination – which is proof of their strong character and admirable social cohesion.

Our suppliers are going to great lengths to resume production in the shortest possible time, and Ducati is supporting them so that they can continue to enhance the authenticity and world-class quality of our motorcycles.

However, despite all our efforts and commitment, we could still experience some slowing down of our production. We know that, at this time of year, many of you are eagerly awaiting your brand-new Ducatis. For some, this wait could be a little longer. I am, therefore, writing directly to you in order that you fully understand the extraordinary nature of our present working conditions. Please continue to place your trust in Ducati, and in our region, the ‘Motor Valley’: together, we’ll be back in the saddle really soon!

Gabriele Del Torchio
Ducati President and CEO

Source: Ducati