BMW isn’t the only company weathering the storm in the motorcycle industry, as Ducati North America has released some of its own numbers from 2010. At the top of the highlight list is Ducati North America’s 35% increase in December 2010 sales over December 2009’s sales figures.

Also bucking the trend was DNA’s growth in Q3 & Q4 of 2010, where the company sold 8% & 9% more motorcycles respectively than in the same quarters in 2009. Compare that to the North American motorcycle industry averages, which saw a 15% decrease in Q3 and 14% decrease in Q4 last year.

Ducati North America attributes the strong sales results to the bevy of new bikes the company released in 2010, namely the Hypermotard 796, Hypermotard 1100EVO/EVO SP, Monster 696 ABS, Monster 796, 848EVO Superbike, 1198S Corse Superbike, and the Multistrada 1200.

This trend in North America is in line with Ducati’s growth globally, as Ducati Motor Holdings just completed a three-year strategic plan that saw the Italian company increase sales by 5% last year, and take an 8.6% market share in all motorcycles sold worldwide.

Source: Ducati North America

  • Tom

    Posting sales gains over last year is really not that hard. Motorcycle sales were completely in the toilet last year. Let’s see what the next year brings…

  • The Brain

    “Posting sales gains over last year is really not that hard. Motorcycle sales were completely in the toilet last year. Let’s see what the next year bring…”

    LOLOL, Did you not read the article above… lol.

  • Other Sean

    That’s good news for my brand of choice (though they test my loyalty a lot lately, but I digress).
    The crazy thing is while they enjoy this overall success, demand for certain products is regional.
    I worked for the local Ducati dealer for a while. It sold out to some scum bag Harley Dealer, who just last month jettisoned the Ducati line due to low sales. SouthWest Colorado is a cruiser region, sportsbikes aren’t big here, especially exotic and more expensive ones.

  • Loki

    Other Sean, SouthWest Colorado: isn’t South Park there? – sorry, stupid European joke. It’s true that I don’t see the point of a 1198 or a Streetfighter there, but the landscape should suit the Multistrada, right? I mean, after all you are in the mountains…

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  • Ben

    Loki- Streetfighter is more comfortable to ride then a Harley, maybe you don’t like the European design but this is the right bike to get if you got the money for it.
    the Hypermotard is the perfect city bike, they made it for European cities but it’s not so comfortable on the high way.
    Ducati don’t make simple bikes,they can’t be best sellers but they can sell more bikes then what they sell now.

  • Loki

    Ben – I love the European design, especially the Italian design. I am from Europe and a Ducati owner/fan, but I agree that there are some bikes that aren’t suited to the American “wild west”.

  • ben

    One more problem selling a ducati in the US.
    A Japanese bike dealer will open a ducati engine and see the desmo he will get hart attack.

    i got a monster and i love it.