It’s hard to imagine how Ducati could cram another Monster into its air-cooled street-naked line-up, let alone update the fairly fresh models already in the brand’s arsenal, yet is teasing some sort of unveiling, due out in two weeks’ time. There is not a terrible amount of information that we can glean from the tight-stretched cover over the photo Ducati is using (the exhaust can appears to be high-mounted like the 696/796, unlike the 1100 EVO), and the timing and the location for the unveil are interesting to say the least.

We have to admit we’re caught a bit off-guard about this one, and will have to reach out to our spies to see what info we can get on this revelation. Until we hear back, our best guess would be a region-specific version of the Monster that is more well-suited for riding in Southeast Asia, presumably in the 200cc-400cc engine capacity range. But again, that’s purely a guess, and it could be something as innocuous as Monster Art/Replica unveil, or better yet an EVO update for the two smaller Monsters. We’d expect those at EICMA though, so well…stay tuned.

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  • foxracing

    Could it be the made in Thailand M795? Heard it has the 796 engine but everything else from the 696. i.e.: no single sided swing arm, non adjustable forks, entry level Brembo brakes etc.

  • Terry

    Would be nice if it was a Multistrada 848.
    Doesnt look like it at all tho.
    Back end looks like theres a box on it!

  • Mitch

    From the tagline “Discover the Myth,” I’m guessing it’s a new level for the Monster, a smaller-displacement bike. I’ve been dreaming about a 400-500cc Monster; decent mileage, beautiful looks, tons of fun and stronger than my current TU250x commuter. I just hope this comes to the US…though I doubt it will.

  • RJ

    It’s a smaller displacement Monster for the emerging Asian market. They talked about it at the recent dealer meetings. Foxracing pretty much has the right idea…

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  • Westward

    What would really be nice is a Ducati under $6000 to compete with the Ninja 250 and the Honda 250… 300-500cc’s would sound about right…

    I do recall an article about a learners bike for the Australian market…

  • MikeD

    Im really starting to hate those damned 2nd Floor passenger seats ON EVERYTHING. Is this suposed to be inspired by the seat arrangement of an IMAX Theater or something ? Fricking ridiculous.
    Ok, im good

  • MikeD

    Maybe the idea is for the passenger’s breasts to rest on your shoulders and neck ? It makes for some great airbags. LMAO.

  • BBQdog

    This one has Mickey Mouse ears styled mirrors …..

  • Mick

    Diavel Special Edition?

  • agreed with foxracing

    it will be a new Monster ‘795’
    engine = monster 796 with M696 body

    and i’ll be there at the venue . .. I heard the rumor that Valentino Rossi will afficially launched this Monster

  • foxracing

    Hi Taufik,

    Will you be posting some photos of the launch? I’m guessing it’ll be a very packed venue because of VR46!

  • Hi Foxracing

    I will, at least I’ll publish the photos of the launch a.s.a.p at my blog :)

  • Ted

    Ducati, Just give us a Monster with an 848 motor in it and stop effing around.