Ducati Factory Closes After Second Earthquake Hits Bologna

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Withstanding two earthquakes in just over a week’s time, Ducati has announced the closure of its Borgo Panigale factory, after today’s 5.8 magnitude shaker, whose epicenter was just 25 miles away from Bologna.

Remaining open after Northern Italy’s 6.0 earthquake on May 20th, this latest quake has caused enough damage in the area to warrant the Italian motorcycle manufacturer giving its workforce time to address the damage caused, and to see to loved ones who were more extensively affected by the quake that has so far accounted for 15 deaths.

“Today Ducati is closed for the earthquake. People are ok we are verifing the factory. We feel very close to all people and families that live near here for this difficult moment,” said Ducati on its Facebook page, which is a stark contrast to previous discussions about the aftermath of Italy’s first earthquake.

Unaffected by the tremor on the 20th, Ducati said its supply chain might be disrupted by parts suppliers who were closer closed after the initial earthquake. It is not clear at this time how long Ducati will remain closed, nor what it will mean for the company’s bike delivery schedule. Certainly Ducati’s production will be affected by the combination of the two quakes, as the company employs a just-in-time supply chain, meaning it holds very few parts in inventory. More info on that as we get it.

Source: Ducati (Facebook)