In October of last year, we told you about how Ducati Motor Holding was directly taking over its operations in Brazil, and was forming a subsidiary in the South American country. Nine months later now, Ducati do Brasil is officially open for business, and the company’s first showroom floor is in the Avenida Faria Lima of São Paulo.

Helping Ducati side-step the onerous tariffs that come with the Brazil market, the Italian company is continuing its relationship with DAFRA, which runs a complete knock-down (CKD) assembly plant in Manaus, and builds Diavel and Monster 796 motorcycles on Ducati’s behalf.

Ducati do Brasil will be run by Managing Director Ricardo Susini, who will in-turn be assisted by Marco Truzzi as Service & After Sales Manager.

“The Brazilian motorcycle market is one of the most interesting in the world, the third in size for medium-to high-capacity motorcycles,” said Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. during the press conference.

“Nine months ago we made some promises and today we are here in Sau Paulo to confirm our commitment and share with all the Ducatisti present in Brazil our plans for development and growth in this important market.”

“The inauguration of the show room and presentation of the first motorcycles assembled at the Manaus factory confirm our commitment to our Brazilian clients. Our aim is to guarantee the very best service possible in terms of sales and after-sales as well as consolidating on the strategic importance of this market for Ducati.”

With its plans in Brazil now coming to fruition, Ducati is looking to push even further into South America, as Domenicali was in Buenos Aires the next day to sign a trade agreement that will bring Ducati motorcycles to Argentina. Accordingly, starting in September of 2013, a Volkwagen Group subsidiary will import Ducati motorcycle into Argentina, South America’s third-largest economy.

“As further confirmation of our interest in the South American market and our desire to make the most of its great potential, we have an agreement with Volkswagen Argentina who, from September 2013, will import Ducati motorcycles and distribute them via our network of Ducati dealers, which is set to expand in the medium term,” said Domenicali.

“It is an important step which also highlights the synergies and opportunities for development that has become available to our brand by becoming a part of the Audi group.”

Source: Ducati

  • paulus – Thailand

    Bringing more Large capacity motorcycles to world can only be a good thing!
    Ducati has found a winning formula with it’s Monster range in developing nations.

  • Random

    Prices for the Monster 796 are slightly higher than BMW F 800 R and lower than the parallel twin GS. The Diavel is agressively priced, starting at 5 to 10% over 1000 cc japanese superbikes. They will probably sell well.

    On a side note, the brazilian partner is the same that already builds BMWs. Hard to picture Beemers and Ducatis coming from the same factory.

  • hohoho… luxury bikes will make success here.

    Just to think a little…

    A Diavel, here, costs some like 28.000 US Dollars… Multistrada too.

    A Panigale costs a hundred Brasillian Reals… some like 50.000 US Dollars.

    Remenber, the mid class in Brazil has an average income of 3000 BRL/Month…

  • MikeD

    LOL, it only shows how good we have it when it comes to what we pay for motorcycles here in the U.S.A.

    Who’s going to buy a $28k Diavel in Brasil, the son of some “Drug Lord” ? Perhaps the son of the Prime Minister ? LOL.

  • nope MikeD…

    45 y-old businessman, married, wanting for some fun with the “riches sunday big bikes cr3w”.

    here we have a large income disparity… 10 percent of population has 90 percent of wealth.
    and we are as a country emerging, the rich want to buy products that differentiate them from the middle class… like a ducati heheheh

    the drug-lords here loves hornet, f-blades and r1, without license plate so, they only can ride on the favelas hills.