UPDATE: The Superleggera has been taken off the market.

Did you miss your chance to get a Ducati 1199 Superleggera? Were you not one of the chosen few Ducatisti who were whisked away to Bologna, wined and dined on carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium? Did you just not have $65,000 last year to plunk down on Bologna’s ultimate superbike?

Have no fear, despite the Superleggera basically selling out before it was even publicly debuted, there is hope for collectors and enthusiasts to own this magnificient machine…but it’s going to cost you.

Available on eBay is a 0 miles, straight-from-the-crate brand new, corse-painted Superleggera (#123 of 500). The catch? It’s being offered for a cool $85,000 — $20k over MSRP.

The news is surely welcomed by Superleggera owners, who can see the value of their prized two-wheeled posession already commanding a 30% value increase in just a few months’ time– that’s a pretty good rate of return, for any investment.

Time will tell of course whether this Ducati 1199 Superleggera actually goes for the asking price here, but right now it’s pegging the collector’s market on “the power of lightness”.

Source: eBay

  • Brizzy

    That big loop of exhaust that they hide underneath the tail like that is just fugly. Needs to be better engineered.

  • I have one at my dealership in eastern Pennsylvania..the guy who had the deposit couldn’t make it happen..we are selling ours for $65,000! Call me tomorrow and ask for josh 610-282-9307! Don’t get price gouged

  • paulus

    I am with Josh…
    Don’t always believe the hype. There are a lot of speculators on these limited editions.
    They put down the deposits and don’t materialize with the rest when there is not an immediate hike in market price.

    Believe it or not, even though the Desmo was ‘sold out’ there remained stock waiting for the people who paid deposits to come and claim their rides…. some never came.

  • ML

    There are a few available still. Why would anyone pay $20K over asking price is beyond me.

  • L2C

    Whoever buys one of those bikes should ride it every day, through every season and give it some personal history. Keep it well-maintained but allow the dings and scratches to persist. Perhaps 30-40 years from now it will be able to be sold for a good price. Who knows, but paying so much for the iconic value on goes so far. The bike is meant to be ridden and ridden well. So ride it for all it’s worth and give it a story worth talking about to friends and future collectors down the line. Don’t let some speculator spoil your fun — or the bike’s.

  • L2C

    “…only goes so far.”

  • crshnbrn

    re: “Perhaps 30-40 years from now it will be able to be sold for a good price.”

    2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera MSRP: $65,000 USD
    spread out over 30 years (excluding tax, title, registration, insurance, gas, maintenance – also referred to as Ducati Tax): 2,166.67 USD per year
    privilege of owning & riding a piece of motorcycling history: priceless

    When you look at it like that, it almost seems like a bargain.

    Sorry VISA.

  • Damn

    why buy a bike that never won a race for way to much money! better wait fot the 230bhp R1

  • Superbikeman

    they looking for people with more money than brains!

  • Seth

    curious as to how much a EVO spec Ducati is, one like the Althea bike of Niccolo Canepa. Jensen any ideas?

  • JCB

    Well that is a d!ck move my Ducati Dallas. If I lived there I’d tell the owner to piss off.

    That being said, the SL is an exceptional and very collectible machine. While I was invited to purchase it, I just really love my PaniR and personally hope to add a D16RR.

    But to each his own.

    Meanwhile, did I say Ducati Dallas are pricks?

  • Spamtasticus

    Dallas is looking for suckers. I feel bad for all those poor people that Ducati defrauded with the Desmocedici. They were told that it would be a limited run of 250 and they all sold out at $75,000. Then Ducati said, so sorry but we lied and went ahead and built a total of 2000. You could find D16RRs fresh out of the box on ebay for $45,000 shortly thereafter. Anyone who buys this bike for this price is a sucker. Wait until the factories start making real homologation specials with great gear and reasonable prices in order to sell the numbers they need to get homologated and buy that. This bike is an exercise in pretentious idiot baiting.

  • Spamtasticus

    The Miami dealership has one right up against the glass just in case anyone is considering overpaying for an already overpriced machine.

  • Funny how everyone gets excited. If anyone actually looked at the ebay ad, its not from AMS’s usual ebay acct. is it? The guy purchased it, had second thoughts, and now has had third thought and it now is being turned into a track bike. Check out our website or youtube. On another note, I am more surprised then everyone on here about people not hearing about special editions going for more than the original MSRP. You ought to go check out what most special runs go for, whether its cars, trucks, bikes, etc…..I think you guys ought to spend more time riding and less time speculating…:)

  • DucPilot

    I know the owner of Ducati Dallas and the owner of that SL personally. Ducati Dallas did NOT set the price for the bike; it is (was) for sale on consignment by the owner of the bike… whom btw cancelled the sale and has turned the bike entirely to track and will ride it on the track only.

  • @L2C
    “The bike is meant to be ridden and ridden well.”
    LOL, scratch ninety percent of Ducati owners then.

  • I’ve updated the article to reflect that the Superleggera wasn’t being sold by Ducati Dallas, instead by one of its customers. As was stated, it is no longer for sale as well.

  • MeatyBeard

    I’ll take that RR in the back.

  • PD

    What is that ungainly rotund thing just above the rear hugger? Couldn’t be the header from the rear cylinder, could it? Whatever it is, it looks completely incongruent with the rest of the bike, like a huge shining tumor.

  • @PD,
    It is the rear headerpipe. Nowhere else to put it and still have it be equal length to the front header pipe.

    It’s funny how everyone complains about the rear header being ugly (even though its design actually serves an important function) yet no one complains about the single-sided swingarm (which is always heavier and usually less torsionally stiff than a double-sided arm and is purely for styling).

  • Roie

    After seeing an SL on the track being ridden by a very fast rider, I am now a fan of this machine. The sound from 50 feet away just blows me away every time it passes by.

    Will Ducati be racing the SL next year instead of the 1199R?

  • ThatsRight!

    I hate collectors!! Panzies with no balls and too much money. I would ride the hell out of this thing on the track!

  • ThatsRight!

    All of the panigale design bikes are so ugly!! 1098 last good looking sportbike from Ducati. The noobs like them because its the most talked about happening thing and it looks like a Jap bike.

  • @That’sRight!,
    The Panigale is the first truly modern Ducati Superbike. Chain-driven cams, wet-clutch, more forward weight-bias, all they need to do in order to step fully into modern times is ditch the antiquated desmo valvegear.
    Valve spring material and design technology left desmodromic for dead, decades ago. Desmo valvegear creates enormous amounts of friction at high RPM compared to conventionally sprung valvegear.
    Ducati didn’t invent it and were not even remotely the first to use it, but they are the last. Mercedes and BMW, years ago, used and discarded desmo drive.
    Unfortunately, desmodromics is Ducati’s only real marketing “advantage”.