Dealernews Closes Its Doors

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One thing we won’t be taking with us into the New Year will be Dealernews, as the business-focused publication closed its doors on December 23rd.

Owner UBM Advanstar announced the closure of the publication earlier this month, saying that print, web, and social media parts of the publication would cease, and while the website remains online, no new content has been posted.

In addition to providing business and industry news, Dealernews was known also for the now defunct Dealer Expo, which ceased in 2014 after stiff competition from the AIMExpo.

The Dealernews story is a familiar one in media. A print brand that enjoyed many years of success, but failed to make the digital jump with aptitude.

UBM Advanstar will continue with the International Motorcycle Shows (IMS), though industry veterans have long speculated on how long those shows will remain, as they fail to bring the same punch as international shows like EICMA, INTERMOT, Tokyo Motor Show, and lately even the AIMExpo.

Source: Cyril Huse Blog

Jensen Beeler

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