Cycle News Acquired by Powersport Media, LLC

03/03/2016 @ 6:18 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


The MAG Retail Group has  completely divested itself of its media holdings, as we can now bring you word regarding the sale of Cycle News to the newly formed Powersport Media LLC company, which was founded by Sean Finley, Bryan Robb, and Jesse Ziegler.

In the interest of transparency, Asphalt & Rubber readers should be aware of the fact that Finely and Robb also own Digital Throttle, an advertising network that caters to the motorcycle and automotive industries, and that Asphalt & Rubber is one of Digital Throttle’s clients, as is Cycle News.

Back to the matter at hand, the change in ownership for Cycle News is the second such change in recent times, as Cycle News was sold to MAG near the end for 2010.

Industry gossip suggests that this deal likely saved Cycle News from following the fate of its sister publication, Motorcycle USA, which was shutdown last week.

Many insiders would have pegged Cycle News to see its doors shut before MotoUSA, since it struggled with traffic and was rumored to be operating in the red.

Instead, the Cycle News team will remain intact, with Kit Palmer as Editor, Rennie Scaysbrook as Road Test Editor, and Sunny Kwon as Art Director, along with Cycle News’s usual cast of contributors.

“Like many motorcycle enthusiast, I grew up reading Cycle News and it has been exciting to work with the team over the past five years,” said Sean Finley, co-founder of Powersport Media.

Cycle News serves a unique niche in the market with the timeliest bike and product reviews available and most in-depth racing and industry news coverage. The all-digital delivery aligns with media consumption trends and we have some exciting ideas to expand delivery options and readership.”

It will be interesting to see where the Powersport Media takes Cycle News going forward, and if they can turn the publication into a healthy and profitable property. We wish them the best of luck.

Source: Powersport Media

  • Ducati Kid


    My commentary is on the Motorcycle-USA site lamenting M.A.G.’s inability to promote it’s associates (companies), their products and services.

    Hopefully M.A.G. will try again …

  • Akhil Kalsh

    How do you respect a website that has a lower Alex rank than your own personal blog?

    I’m surprised somebody saved Cycle News, and not Motorcycle USA, just doesn’t make sense.

  • Cyclenews is more of a digital magazine, so perhaps their ranking is skewed higher than it actually is. Though I’m still surprised they didn’t try to sell Motorcycle-USA (or that no one bought it).

  • Elton Alwine

    If Cycle News is printed again I will subscribe again. I certainly missed them and I just don’t enjoy the online magazine – it feels disjointed. Re: Motorcycle-USA, well this is just a damn shame. The motorcycle market is showing real signs of growing again, but we’re still losing important cogs in the machine…

  • Alexa rankings are completely unreliable, not to mention they can be skewed – there’s already one US moto-publication that’s paid for an inflated rank.

  • From what I can understand, the content on MotoUSA will be folded back into Motorcycle Superstore, for SEO purposes. I’m not sure MAG even shoped MotoUSA around to potential buyers.

  • I don’t think they want anything to do with the media space.

  • Ducati Kid


    My apologies to you becoming the M.A.G. spokesperson in this ongoing conversation. (Bill them! :-)

    Monetizing a business – Internet – presence is indeed difficult but can be done provided one plays to their strengths and has FOCUS!

    Very surprised M.A.G. never championed their many noted businesses, products and technologies at Motorcycle-USA.

    No reason M.A.G. cannot use their web presence as a ‘cloud’ based resource for products and services across multiple medias.

    Not too late, they still maintain a website should they wish to …

  • Joe

    Love reading Cycle News on my tablet. It’s where I go first and I can download issues when I travel. They’re the only site/digital magazine that covers ALL racing in-depth.

  • Emptybee

    I still miss getting my Cycle News in the mail every week.

  • Bob Close

    I’ll let someone else enlighten me as to the Alexa ranking stuff – sounds like important insider talk – but I’ll say this: the Cycle News online version is well done and I (and a ton of American readers) are very grateful for it. And I say that knowing there is leading content out there like OTOR that (probably) helped CN to understand what path they had to start plotting – or die. I hope they are doing all the right things business-wise that are necessary to keep major and minor advertisers supporting their online version. CN has always had fantastic writing and the current version is no different. Sure maybe it can never replace it’s previous printed version experience(and lord knows I’ll never, ever see my name in the local results again!), but online does seem to offer much more from a multi-media experience. The three principals behind Powersports Media believe Cycle News has a future, and so do I. Hmmm…now I wonder if they could convince Dean Adams to come on board…

  • Leigh Crawford

    Why do you think MAG has any interest in the sport/ lifestyle which we love? Unless there is a way for them to leverage money out of it, I don’t think they give a crap either way.

  • I suppose that might make sense for them. Still, seems a shame and it’s disappointing to see the content on MotoUSA swallowed into what is essentially a marketing exercise now.

  • Oooh, do tell :)

  • Won’t happen. Print is dead. Well, that’s not exactly true (it’s on life support) but I can’t imagine anyone re-entering the print market. It’d be akin to setting up a video store. While some still exist, no one with any sense would start a new one.

    Perhaps they’ll set it up as a standard online news site such as or the like rather than a a digital magazine which as you said, is rather cumbersome.

  • Elton Alwine

    Print is dead? I subscribe to Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Road Runner, MPN, Roadracing World, Performance Bikes, Fast Bikes, Bike among other Brit mags. All of these come in beautiful printed packages right to my door. I can read them on the toilet. Or in my office. I can share them and travel with them. If any of these publications stop printing and go to digital only, I will drop them, like I did Cycle News ages ago. (However, I always have room for online-only guys like A&R!).

    By the way, just like the vinyl I purchase weekly, don’t bet against some niche video stores opening up soon. To hell with digital.

  • Ducati Kid



    Can’t imagine a business endlessly funding an entity receiving little or no profits.


    M.A.G. comprises Twelve (12) companies each having their own digital media division.

    I propose a new – customer, M.A.G. and retailer model.


    A customer desires product, they visit to view applicable products, place an order, this order is then shipped to the local retailer for pick-up or installation.

    Presents a ‘Win, Win, Win’ situation for all concerned!

    This method reducing existing disparate, diverse, digital media expense for M.A.G.

    Profits drained away due to Twelve (12) individual businesses having their own digital media expense.

    Digital Media is our business future, melding your specific business is the illustrated concern …