Some Curious Details of That Stolen Victory TT Race Bike

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A month ago, the Victory TT electric race bike was stolen from the Brammo’s headquarters in Talent, Oregon. Thankfully, the bike was recovered quickly, though it suffered some damage to the bodywork, and the rear wheel was removed.

Two suspects were arrested in conjunction with the theft, and currently are out on $25,000 bail bonds. We will have to let the great wheel of justice sort out the facts, and awaits the two suspects in question.

While one would likely not call the legal process entertaining, there are some amusing facts at issue to this case.

As we mentioned above, the Brammo-built race bike had broken bodywork, as well as scuffs to the front tire. The room where the bike was found had a hole in the wall, leading into another room in the house, with indications that the TT bike had been operated inside the house.

We’ll let you connect the dots, but we imagine something worthy of a bad television show.

Add to that the crash-damaged fairings, and the fact that the front tire is scuffed with what looks like drywall, and we imagine the scene is something similar ones involving a coyote and roadrunner.

We imagine the exact causes for all these material damages will be sussed out in trial, though we suspect the details will be just as entertaining as we imagine them to be.

As for the rear wheel, the best guess is that it was removed in order to be sold as parts, which presumably was also the overall purpose of the theft.

Just remember kids, don’t do drugs.



Title Photo: Photo: © 2015 Tony Goldsmith / – All Rights Reserved; Other Photos: Brammo