Colin Edwards Tells It Like It Is

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Colin Edwards has to be one of our favorite motorcycle racers, primarily for the epic races he would put on for us while racing in the World Superbike Championship against Troy Bayliss. Since his move to MotoGP, Edwards has been less of a talking point for his racing prowess, and instead usually for controversies associated with him.

First it was the Aprilia RS3 “Cube” that had a propensity to catch on fire. Then, it was playing second fiddle to Valentino Rossi. And lately, it has been the Tech3 antics between himself and James Toseland.

Love him, hate him, discount him, but Colin always has one consistency: telling things exactly the way he sees them. In a recent interview with Riders (an Italian Magazine) Colin did just that.

Edwards fielded some colorful questions about sex, his favorite porn starts, as well as some political topics like gay marriage, and gun control. We didn’t think you wanted to hear any of that though. Continue reading after the jump for some of the more calmer questions, and Colin’s to the point answers.

Guido Meda (Italy’s MotoGP commentator) accused you of being pretty accomodating when Valentino passes you, do you confirm this?

That’s right. It’s something that I picked up when we were teammates. Everyone at Yamaha knew – me, the team and Valentino what was my position was. If I saw Valentino passing me I let him do it and if I was behind him and wanted to pass, I’d do it but kept it clean.

And your team-mate

He’s an asshole.

Excuse me?

He’s an asshole and his crew chief is an asshole. Last year he was mine, then they got together without telling me anything. The crew chief that I have now is really good, but they shouldn’t have acted that way. If they wanted to work together, we should have sat around a table and discussed it. Instead they did everything behind my back.

You had a wall put up in your garage just like Rossi and Lorenzo.

Yes, because in races like Qatar and Japan we worked all weekend and then Sunday morning they copied my settings. Assholes!

You’ve raced against the greatest in the world. Bayliss, Fogarty, Valentino … Who was the best?

Valentino is a God, the greatest of all times. Bayliss is the one I had the most fun with.

Are you going to stay in MotoGP or go back to SBK or are you thinking of retiring?

I don’t know, I’m feeling good now and I feel like I’m eighteen years old.

Ben Spies is in Superbike. He’s really amazed everyone.

He’s a good guy, talented and very determined. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. We go camping together or motorcycling together in the woods, he’s a fun guy.

Do you think he’ll switch to MotoGP next year?

If I know him he’ll try to win the SBK Championship before moving to MotoGP.

What are you going to do when you retire?

I’m going to candidate myself for the Presidency.

You’re on your third beer, while all the riders say they don’t drink or smoke …

I drink, but I don’t smoke. No drugs, pills or coke. When I was going to school I tried marijuana. Alcohol is the biggest drug and maybe the worse.

Are you going to be jealous about the guys who are going to date your daughter? (Gracie is six years old)

I’ve got a million guns and everytime she’s going to go out with a boy, he’s not going to wait outside for her, he’s going to come into the house and when he comes in he’s going to find me cleaning a gun. He’s got to know that if touches her, I’m going to kill him. Simple. Infact my favourite character is Jesus in the Great Lebowski who says “Nobody fucks with the Jesus”.

And you don’t fool around with Jesus.

Yeah, nobody fucks with Colin

Source: Riders