Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturer Qianjiang Invests $26 Million into Benelli

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Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Qianjiang Motor, which in 2005 acquired the Pesaro Benelli, is now investing an additional $26 million into Benelli to help revitalize the Italian brand.  Talking at a press conference two days ago, Qianjang General Manager Haimei Yan stated that “[although] we have not yet turned a profit in the budget, we are here to stay, and believe in the company.”

The cash infusion will mean a lot for Benelli. For starters, Benelli will now be able to pursue more research and development for its product lines and future model offerings. Also with Qianjiang being the source of capital, doors into China, a huge developing motorcycle market, could be opened for Benelli.

Hinting at what could be on the horizon for Benelli, Haimei confirmed some of the fruits we could see shortly from this investment, such as a 600cc in-line four supersport bike, with power tipping in at 130 hp at 15,500 rpm. Haimei suspects that after this bike’s launch, the company will be profitable within two years.