After Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), the Governator took a tour of electric vehicle companies in the Golden State. The new law lops $1,500 off the sticker price off an electric motorcycle for California residence, which in many cases means over 15% off the sticker price.

Taking a look at both Zero Motorcycles and Mission Motors, Gov. Schwarzenegger made endorsing comments about the two companies and how they are allowing California to take the lead in the emerging electric vehicle markets.

CVRP has put up a website that breaks down all the vehicles that are eligible for the rebate from the State of California. Right now only the Zero S & Zero DS are listed. While the Mission One isn’t shipping yet, we’re not quite sure why the Brammo Enertia is absent from the rebate list. The CVRP is funded with $4.1 million, and rebates will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

After getting aquanted with Zero Motorcycle’s product range, Gov. Schwarzenegger said that “Zero electric motorcycles are very important technology and this is great for California because this is an ideal place to ride motorcycles.” He continued with, “I love the financial side of these motorcycles because they cost less then one cent per mile to operate and you get a 10% federal tax credit plus a California rebate of $1,500. That equates to a 25 percent price reduction making these electric motorcycles affordable for anybody.”

Coupled with Federal tax credits (10%) and with this new rebate in place ($1,500), California residence can enjoy a Zero S for only $7,495, which is 25% off the $9,995 MSRP.

Photo by Eva Kolenko

  • I’m sorry, but I have to ask…Where is the money coming from for this program? Why are we subsidizing these sorts of things when the state’s going bankrupt, when they’re cutting funding to social programs (as much as I loathe social programs they do actually help some people) and education, raising taxes (my biggie), etc. How can this possibly be considered a priority given all the problems California is currently facing??

  • joe

    Will someone make sure that dipshit govenator has a license to ride that.

  • Doug Panting


    I doubt the $1500 rebate is the straw that break Califonia’s financial back.

    There’s been lots of waste, fraud and mismanagment and I think these are at the roots of California’s problems.

    The bikes are made in Santa Cruz so the state may be able to recover much of the tax credit that they are paying out. The tax crdeit could create some jobs in Santa Cruz, there’s payroll taxes property taxes etc. Some new jobs might even keep a few people off the unemployement and welfare.

    There might also be some savings on lower road maintence by getting people out of heavy cars onto lighter motorbikes.

    There is also the matter of improved air quality and the health cost saving that go with that.

    California is a wordwide trendsetter so if the bikes local sales take off that may eventually create an export market and bring money into the state.

    Here’s the link for the program manual. You may find some aswers there.

    Here’s their contact info:

    (866) 984-CLEAN (2532)

    Give them a call, they might be able to tell you why this is a good idea.

  • Marshall

    You kiddin’ me? The man can get air on a Harley with a teenager on board while repeatedly shooting/pumping a shotgun with one hand. Clearly he doesn’t need a license.

  • brendan

    Love the Boots!

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