Bultaco Lives Again – Will Debut Electric Motorcycle

05/16/2014 @ 4:34 pm, by Jensen BeelerComments Off on Bultaco Lives Again – Will Debut Electric Motorcycle


Reviving old brands for an electric future is becoming the new vogue, as we have already seen the restart of marquees like Voxan and Saroléa in the two-wheeled space.

Well, add a third name to the list (does that officially make this a trend?), as Bultaco has been restarted once again by investors, who wish to see the Spanish motorcycle brand enter the 21st century.

Missing in action for the past 30 years (not including a failed restart in 1998, which lead to the Sherco brand), it is hard to tell what to make of this news; though the continued emergence of new players in the EV arena only further hints towards where the motorcycle industry is headed.

Back to Bultaco, we hear the new electric motorcycle will debut tomorrow in London, but not much is known about the soon-to-be-unveiled machine.

The only details we have is that the electric Bultaco has been in development for the past four years, and was built in collaboration with University of Madrid Carlos III.

Will the new Bultaco live up to the two-stroke racer pedigree of the old company? Only time will tell. Stay tuned this weekend volt-heads.

Source: Reuters via Bikes in the Fast Lane

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