BRP Debuts Electric Motorcycle & Scooter Concepts

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It looks like the Canadians are getting deeper into the electric vehicle space, as Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) has released more than a few electric concepts across its various product ranges.

Debuting the six concepts at the Club BRP 2020 event in Las Vegas, BRP’s offerings caught our eye for two very obvious reasons: the electric scooter and motorcycle concepts.

The electric range looks pretty far from being production-ready, except for the Sonic go-kart model which is already out in the wild, which makes us think it will be a few years before we see anything materialize on showroom floors.

Another tip-off that we are far from production is the complete lack of any communication about specifications, making these more design exercises than anything else.

While that might make today’s headline less intriguing, consider this one last thought: with this news, BRP has just tipped its hand that it plans to get back into the motorcycle space.

The company might not have a gas-powered model that it can simply convert to an electric drivetrain, but clearly BRP wants to get back into the motorcycle space – perhaps with its Can-Am brand.

That could be an interesting day. Let’s just hope that the company’s motorcycle models looks a little more interesting than these bland people-movers.

BRP is showing more than a few electric vehicle concepts, including its already released Sonic go-kart.

“BRP has been working for some time on how to create e-vehicles to bring new experiences to potential and existing riders. As we’ve said, it was never a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. We are truly excited about electric and see it as a potential opportunity for our business,” said Denys Lapointe, Senior Vice-President of Design, Innovation and Creative Services.

“We continue to constantly innovate, and e-vehicles are no exception. Our talented team from around the world is working on new ideas and we’re eager to hear the consumer’s reaction. For the moment, these are preliminary concepts as we are currently evaluating market viability.”

Now what we really want to know is whether or not there is some of that Alta tech hidden inside these EV concepts. It seems though that we have still a little while longer until we can find out.

Source: BRP