Brembo Helmets Coming in 2010 [UPDATED]

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Brembo, a company known for helping your bike slow down and stop, is entering into the helmet making business. While we normally associate the Brembo brand with high-performance parts and racing, the company’s first foray into the mainstream consumer market will be your everyday motorcycle/scooter rider and the thing between their ears. Photos and details after the jump.

The helmets, made in partnership with Newmax, feature a plastic shell, and have a removable liner that easily shapes to different sized heads. The face shield is a polycarbonate, the incorporates UV protection. However, the real crowning feature of the Brembo helmet line is its one-button automatic fitting belt.

The idea of the new Automatic Fit Belt fastening stemmed from the observation that many motorcyclists and scooter riders put on and take off their helmets many times a day for short urban journeys, often failing to fasten them correctly, or even leaving them unfastened.

Thus, the Brembo helmets have a continuous strap that ends in a winding device, which allows a motorcyclists to press a single button, and will have the strap adhere perfectly to the chin rest. The strap is wider than those existing on the market, 3 cm, and is in silky skin-friendly material, for greater comfort.

If you think the Brembo helmets would make a great Christmas present, you better plan on Xmas 2010 as the new line won’t be available in the US until after the new year.

Source: Brembo