Brammo TTR Spotted in TTXGP Race Trim

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A recent Racer X interview of Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo, uncovered some interesting information about the electric motorcycle company. Including never before seen pictures of the Brammo TTR with race paint and Best Buy logo.

Craig Bramscher is sitting next to a computer monitor displaying a rendering of the TTXGP machine.  It looks a lot like the race bikes of today sans exhaust pipe. Recent renderings of the Motoczysz and pictures of the Mission Motors  have a slightly more futuristic design and are somewhat street legal with lights mounted.

Later in the interview Bramscher also gave new information on the target market for the Brammo Enertia and why Best Buy is Brammo’s choice for distribution.

We looked at where it should be sold: in a motorcycle dealership, next to the Yamahas and Kawasakis? And who is our customer? In the U.S., we have over 200 million drivers and about 12 million licensed riders. We’re going after that larger group, people who don’t go into motorcycle shops, so we had to look for a different way to sell our bikes.

Of the 12 million licensed riders Bramscher mentions, many of them don’t have a bike.  They rarely go to motorcycle shops so temptation to buy is kept at bay. Brammo knows riding is a sport of passion and hopes to reignite these potential bikers desire to ride and satisfy the geek inside them with a bike that is more like consumer electronics than a motorcycle. That made Best Buy a great choice for retail sales and distribution of the Enertia.

Source: Road Racer X via AutoBlogGreen