Brakko Combined Wheel Brake System

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Taking a new perspective on motorcycle brake design is Brakko with its Combined Wheel Brake (CWB) system. Unlike a traditional system, a CWB system puts the brake disc in the centerline of the wheel rim, which allows for the braking force to be transmitted as much as possible to the wheel rim, instead of to the hub, spokes, and brake disc carriers.

CWB boasts having a “true” radial mounting of the brake calipers, as well as lowering the overall weight of the brake assembly. Also, CWB systems allow for greater cooling of the brake discs.

Brakko has designed their CWB system to allow for multiple caliper positions, which can accommodate virtually an two-wheeled application. Additionally, Brakko’s design allows for quick disassembly of the entire front-wheel from the bike with the aid of their custom fork bottoms and quick-swap brake line connectors. Brake pad maintenance looks relatively, whereas getting to the disc itself could pose and issue, especially with spoked rims.

Source: Brakko via The Kneeslider