BMW Posts 21% Sales Boost in Q1 2010

05/06/2010 @ 6:21 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

BMW continues to buck the trend, releasing sales data that shows the Bavarian company getting a 21% sales boost last quarter when compared to Q1 of 2009. The company made €351 million in sales revenue (also up 21%), which came to €32 million EBIT, up 14.3% from Q1 of last year as well. BMW cites strong sales from the S1000RR, and the newly revised R1200GS/RT as being the reason for the strong sales numbers.

BMW is also boasting that it now has the largest market share in Italy, Great Britain, and Germany. The company also sold 2,094 motorcycles in the United States during the first quarter of 2010, up 7.8% from last year. BMW’s success is only marred by its sales figures from Japan, where the company saw a 13.5% sales decrease, selling only 508 motorcycles.

As the industry sees the motorcycle market rebounding, we can expect to hear better news from many company’s in Q2 of 2010. Perhaps the best news to come from BMW was the company’s increase, albeit a modest one, in unit production, up 3.8% from Q1 2009 . This is clearly a sign that BMW sees some light at the end of the tunnel.

Source: BMW Group

  • RTRider

    Good news and I am sure the awesome S1000RR super bike is one of the reasons. The S1000RR will be the new king of the hill for street bikes.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Not surprised their sales dropped in Japan. A lot of people over there are probably offended that Beemer is competing head to head with the big 4…

  • Frank_R

    From all the reviews that I have read about the new S1000RR it is definitely the new super bike. Soon all the aftermarket performance products will be available which will make the 1000RR even better. Kudos to BMW for bringing out such a fine machine. Maybe Harley Davidson should get there head out of the sand and note what BMW has done. HD sales are dropping fast and HD only markets one bike – there out dated heavy cruiser.

  • Christopher1013

    With the strong sales, now they can bring in the F800R into the United States! Because it is a disservice to their US customers not to offer it here!

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